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Xi'an 4-Day Tours

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Explore China's rich history and culture by taking a tour to Xi'an. This ancient city used to serve as China’s capital for over 1,000 years, leaving the city with precious historical relics. Besides the must-visit attractions in Xi'an city, our 4-day Xi'an tours also take you to see its surrounding area for more exploration. Or you can tailor-make your own Xi'an 4-day tour.

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No. 1
Photos of Xi'an Memories Tour
4-Day Xi'an Memories Tour
  • Summary: The Entombed warriors are a highlight but Xian has much more to offer. There are many treasured will be opened provide the memories of a life time.
  • Tour Code: XA-3
Full price from:
$465 p/p
No. 2
Photos of Xian with Mt. Hua Experience
4-Day Xian with Mt. Hua Experience
  • Summary: Combine Xian's famous Entombed Warriors and other it many other antiquities and add one of China most notable mountains and beautiful Mt Huashan.
  • Tour Code: XA-4
Full price from:
$467 p/p
No. 3
Photos of Xian Tour and Mt. Hua from Beijing
4-Day Xian Tour and Mt. Hua from Beijing
  • Summary: You have 4 days to explore the history and culture of Xi'an at the Terra Cotta Warriors, the ancient City Wall, and then visit one of the most revered mountains in China - Mt. Hua.
  • Tour Code: BJ-62
Full price from:
$534 p/p
No. 4
Photos of Xi'an Cuisine Tour
4-Day Xi'an Cuisine Tour
  • Summary: Visitors to Xian must do two things: one is to see the clay figures of Terra cotta warriors and horses. The other is to taste local delicious cuisine. In the 4-day tour, visit the large numbers of historical relics, appreciate an elegant Tang Dynasty show, enjoy the Dumpling Banquet will give you impressive experience. Xi'an cuisine has a good, hearty style that should never let you leave the table hungry. Noodles and dumplings are the staples of the local food and these are almost always filling and warming.
  • Tour Code: XA-2A
Full price from:
$369 p/p
No. 5
Photos of Xian Essence Train Tour from Shanghai
4-Day Xian Essence Train Tour from Shanghai
  • Summary: Take the overnight train from Shanghai to Xian to explore this ancient imperial city, the terracotta warriors and the city wall. It will leave you with unforgettable memories.
  • Tour Code: SH-29
Full price from:
$520 p/p