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Tang King Market

During the Tang Dynasty, the western part of Xi'an city used to be filled with food stalls, vendors, roadside circus and people from the lower level of social class, opposite to things in the eastern part of the city. Today, it has been changed into a modern shopping and leisure mall with a Tang Dynasty-style setting. The entire market is divided into 9 sections, including a public square, a business center, a Silk-road theme street and a museum and more. Here you can watch the Shadow Play, Huaguxi Drama and clay pottery making; or even try them! More surprises await for your visit!

Location: Tang King Market, NO.1, Laodong Nan Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an 西安市莲湖区劳动南路1号西安大唐西市

Time: daily year round; Tang King Market Museum opens at 9:00am – 5:30pm (winter), 9:00am – 6:30pm (summer).


  1. Bus: NO. 106,107,201, 24, 322, 502, 503, 518 to Datang Xishi Stop 大唐西市站
  2. From Xianyang International Airport: Bus NO.106, 24, 322, 518, 916 to Datang Xishi Stop
  3. From Xi'an Train Station: Bus NO.107 to Datang Xishi Stop

Ticket Pricing:

  1. Tang King Market Museum: 60CNY / Person
  2. Prices depend on the show.


  1. Book the ticket on your own
  2. Book a Xi'an tour including the Tang King Market with China Highlights. 

Note: Children under 1.3 m and elders above 70 years old are free of charge.