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Mianli Cold Drink Shop

It mainly serves sweetmeats, and the most popular two sweetmeats are Pa Lu Da (帕露达) and Shui Yin Ye (睡印椰, coconut juice with milk fragrant served with rusk soaking in it). Stir-fried rice with beef and sauerkraut (酸菜牛肉炒饭 ...more»

Cai Chun Qing Thai Food

Cai Chun Qing Thai Food mainly serves Thailand style food, and the price there is affordable. It is very popular in Jinghong City, and the most recommended food is Thai soymilk (泰国豆奶) and chicken pants a meal (鸡油饭, very ...more»

Manting Xiaozhai

Manting Xiaozhai is a snack street. Barbecue is the highlights there, and Zutong Fan (竹筒饭, rice cooked in bamboo), roast fish (香茅草烤鱼), roast pig brain wrapped in banana leaves (芭蕉叶烤猪脑) and pineapple rice (菠萝饭) are highly ...more»

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