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After years development of tourism, Yangtze River Cruise has became one of the most famous travel options in China. The beauty of the Three Gorges, the steep mountains on the river band and the magnificent Yangtze River have earned good reputations for Yangtze River cruise. We China Highlights here collected some reviews from tourists who had taken the Yangtze River cruise, which gives you an overall picture of what Yangtze River cruise like.

We analyzed the feedbacks of Yangtze River Cruise from our previous customers and other authority website such as Trip Advisor, and we selected some typical ones for you to get better understanding and information of Yangtze River cruise.

This is some overall reviews of some of the most popular cruise ships, customers gave the reviews in several side ways, such as the ship itself, service on the ship, food and the scenery spots during the cruise:

What Customers Say About Yangtze Cruise Ships

Bsimosd, California, Oct. 28, 2011
We spent 4 days going upstream from Yicheng (Yichang) to Chongqing on the Yangtze River aboard the Century Diamond. Although weather was hazy, were able to enjoy going through the locks and exploring the enormous lake formed by the dam. The ship was geared towards Chinese for meals, but provided for our group "American" breakfasts and lunches...which was very good.
Which Ship: Century Diamond
Bernice, Malta, Nov. 13, 2011
We mainly took this cruise to relax a bit from the busy schedule but would have preferred to stay in Guilin or Yangshuo for longer instead of taking this cruise. Our cruise ship was the Century Diamond. the rooms were very spacious for a small cruise ship and can find no fault with the ship and the service.
Which Ship: Century Diamond
Princess Sheree, Beijing, Aug. 17, 2011
The best part of our cruise was the new ship that we were on. The President Prime. It really was a luxury ship and I was glad that we choose that ship. The price was fantastic and included all food and an activity each day. The cabins were spacious and pleasant to be in, about 35 m2, bigger than some hotel rooms. The food was great at every meal and the selection of food satisfied everyone at our table.
Which Ship: President Prime
United Kingdom, Aug. 5, 2009
The itinerary on board was good, with shore excursions to the Ghost City and a trip up the Shennong side stream in small boats. On the final night we transited the ship locks at the Three Gorges Dam, and on the final morning we visited the dam itself. We also had the benefit of seeing the total eclipse of the sun on 22nd July. The captain stopped the boat to give us a steady view for our photographs from the upper sundeck. This was truly spectacular, and a real bonus.
Which Ship: President 1
Review From: Trip Advisor
TeamZMintHill, California, Jul. 2, 2011
The room was nice and was an adaquate (adequate) size. The only issue is that our tub did not drain well, and the water was filthy. I got to where I did not really want to bathe because I felt as though I would be dirtier coming out than going in. The on-board entertainment was fun, but not terribly professional. Travelling through the locks and in the minor gorges was a highlight.
Which Ship: Victoria Anna
Review From: Trip Advisor
Psychlady, Sep, 2011

I cruised the Yangtze River in China for three nights in Sept 2011. The entire ship smelled like bad curry initially. My cabin had a strong musty odor. I had to febreze the entire cabin!

The cabin was large and had a good sized sitting room, separate bedroom, and bathroom. The food was good although the lines for the breakfast and lunch buffet were very long. The excursions were fair.

Which Ship: Victoria Anna
Review From: Cruise Critic
Samandpaul, Melbourne,Jun, 2011

Laundry was standard international hotel prices - about $10 AUS for a pair of pants - as a result, very few passengers seemed to use the laundry service, and seemed to rinse things out themselves.

The staff are lovely, and multi-talented - they are required to undertake their regular duties, and perform in the entertainment at night!

Which Ship: Victoria Prince
Review From: Cruise Critic

Is it a wise choice to participate the Yangtze River cruise?

See people who’d done the cruise say on Trip Advisor:

Most comments about this cruise on TA are negative. You pay big dollars to come to China not to sit in a boat for 3-4 days looking at trees go by. Maybe in a very long trip it can be a relaxing break but there are laso other options for this.

Before the Dam at least you'll see some sights. After the Dam not much.

Depends how long you are spending in China. If you want a quick hit of the Yangtze you can take the Hydrofoil ( but it is not made for sight seeing ). From the hydrofoil you can opt to disembark at the Three Gorges. The hydrofoil no longer runs from Chongqing to Yichang and you have to depart from Wanzhou.

There are some wonderful sights to see as day trips from Chongqing. The surrounding areas of Chongqing city are not really know to foreign tourists but they are stunning. There is enough to keep you occupied for 4 or more days - just don't go there is summer because it's too hot!