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Yangzhou, on the other bank of Yangtze River, emerged during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.) when Fu Chai,king of the Wu State, built his defence system, Eventually it grew into a large, population city. Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty (581-618) visited prostitutes here; emperors Huizong and Gaozong of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) built their temporary palaces here, and Qing Emperor Qianlong visited six times.

The city itself is a museum of Chinese culture and a beautiful Chinese garden. Small and quite as it is, you have an easy access to all latest modern convenience here, too, while enjoying traditional heritage. Through all the ages, scholars and poets have lavishly praised Yangzhou in prose and poetry, pouring their love and yearning for this city in the most beautiful language. This is the only city in China that receives such an honour and it deserves, too.

The city was founded by the 4th century BC, with its oldest known name being Kuang-ling. Its first location was east of the present site. In 590 AD, Kuang-ling began to be called Yangzhou, which was the traditional name of the entire southeastern part of China. Beginning in the 7th century, Yangzhou was the chief commercial city of the Yangtze area, due to its importance as a canal port, seaport, and administrative center.

For westerners, an interesting footnote to Yangzhou's history is that Marco Polo served there under the Mongol emperor Kubilai Khan, in the period around 1282-1287.

Questions and Answers About Yangzhou Travel Guide

Anita 2012-04-08
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How do I get from Shanghai to Yangzhou and Zhouzhuang? Is it possible to get to Yangzhou from Zhouzhuang? Or is Tongli nicer than Zhouzhunang?Does the express train from Shanghai to Beijing stops anywhere or is it direct?
Dear Anita, Firstly, you can take a long distance bus to get to Yangzhou and Zhouzhuang. Moreover, Tongli is also a Chinese ancient town, which has its own characteristics and cultures that attracts lots of tourists every year. Zhouzhuang is more than a watertown, which also enjoys a long history and is one of Chinese ancient watertown. Last but not least, the express from Shanghai to Beijing isn't a non-stop train, which has many stops, such as Nanjing, Jinan and so on. Hope it helps. Candice Song replied on 2012-04-09
meizuan 2012-02-19
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i decide to go FengHua, Xiangshan and Shaoxing from Ningbo from 21Feb2012 to 28Feb (about 7 days). May i know what is the best way to travel? Also what is the temperature (in degree C) now?
Train should be the first choice, because of the comfort and the cheap ticket. About the average temperature today: (I don't know what "Xiangshan" is..) Fenghuang: 8 °C Shaoxing: 11 °C Lynn Ye replied on 2012-02-20
meizuan 2012-02-05
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Hi, I would like to go to yangzhou from Ningbo. How can i travel? Bus or train is better and how long does it takes?
Dear meizuan, There isn;t any direct train from Yangzhuo to Ningbo. It would take you about 8 hours by coach. Hope it helps. Candice Song replied on 2012-02-06
Hi Candice, Thank u for the info. Finally i decide to go FengHua, Xiangshan and Shaoxing from Ningbo from 21Feb to 28Feb (about 7 days). May i know what is the best way to travel? Also what is the temperature (in degree C) now? guest replied on 2012-02-19
mujahid 2011-12-21
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I am mujahid .I want to admit in yangzhou university in mbbs program .I want to know the average temperature of yangzhou city and the cost of average life expense per month
Dear Mujahid, You can visit our website http://www.chinahighlights.com/yangzhou/weather.htm for the weather information in Yangzhou. I think CNY1000~2000 will be enough in Yangzhou per month. Lee Li replied on 2011-12-21
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