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Yangzhou Attraction

Yangzhou's attractions include server unique gardens, which were used to be family mansions in ancient times. These gardens: Heyuan Garden and Geyuan Garden reflect the typical style of Chinese garden architecture. Besides, there are several historic sites worthy to visit.

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Most Popular Yangzhou Attractions

Heyuan Garden

Also known as Jixiao Mountain Villa, Yangzhou Heyuan Garden was built as a private garden on the very site of the Double Pagoda Tree Garden by He Zangdao during Emperor Tongzhi's reign, which was expanded b..

Geyuan Garden

Geyuan  Garden is a typical classical garden of the south Yellow River area, which is well-retained and of a high artistic value with a history of over 180 years. It was initially built as a privat..

Daming Buddhist Temple

This temple was built during the reign of Emperor Liu Zun (457-464) of the Song Dynasty in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Main features include the Qinling Pagoda, Hall of the Heavenly King, Hall of Sak..

Yucheng Post Station

Located in Gaoyou, the post station was built in 1357. It is one of the best-preserved ancient facilities of its kind in China. The station has two rows of offices, with five rooms in both the front and rear ..

Yangzhou Lacquerware Factory

Yangzhou Lacquerware Factory is the largest lacquerware producer in all China. "Lacquerware" is a sort of catch-all term for the sort of decorative articles often brought home by tourists as souvenirs. The..

Museum of Imperial Mausoleum of Han Dynasty in Guangling

Covering a hilly area of 27,000 square meters, the museum displays the tombs of Liu Xu, the first-generation Guangling King assigned to Yangzhou during the mid-Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C-A.D. 24), and his wif..