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Yangzhou Muslim Restaurants

Guangling District

1. Islamic Hong Xing National Restaurant

Famous for the dishes made of beef, such as pan-fried beef dumplings (牛肉锅贴), beef soup (牛肉汤), beef dumplings (牛肉饺子), and beef wontons (牛肉云吞), the restaurantmainly serves Muslim snacks. In addition, the environment in it, which is tidy and clean, also contributes to the popularity of the restaurant.

  • Chinese name: 清真鸿兴民族饭店 Qingzhen Hongxing Minzu Fandian
  • Average price per person: 10 yuan
  • Address: 292 Guoqing Road, Guangling District (广陵区国庆路292号)
  • Tel: 0514-87341728, 87353669
  • Bus routes: 8, 12, 26, 32, 33, or 66, get off at Centurymart (世纪联华)

2. Good Mood Islamic Restaurant

Beside a historical site, Tombyard of Puhanding that attracts much attention, the restaurant is as popular as the site. It serves either typical Muslim dishes or food in Yangzhou style. The comparatively reasonable price helps it catch visitors’ attention.

  • Chinese name: 好心情清真馆 Haoxinqing Qingzhenguan
  • Recommended dishes: pan-fried beef dumplings (牛肉锅贴), beef buns (牛肉包),fried rice in Yangzhou style (扬州炒饭)
  • Average price per person: 20 yuan
  • Address: 27 to 29 South Jiefang Road, Guangling District (广陵区解放南路27-29号)
  • Tel: 0514-87114799
  • Bus routes: 2, 12, 32, 33,44, 45, or 210, get off at Jiefang Bridge (解放桥)
  • 3. Xinjiang Pamir Restaurant

    The restaurant mainly serves classic Muslim food, such as lamb shashlik (羊肉串) and braised chicken with potato and green pepper (大盘鸡), but the most attractive food of it is different kinds of barbecue. Besides, the restaurant also offers pomegranate juice (石榴汁), which is good for health and distinguished from drinks of other similar restaurants.

    • Chinese name: 新疆帕米尔餐厅 Xinjiang Pami’er Canting
    • Average price per person: 30 yuan
    • Address: 97 Beimenwai Street, Guangling District (广陵区北门外大街97号)
    • Tel: 0514-85070307
    • Bus routes: 20, 45, 56, or 210, get off at Fenghuang Bridge Street (凤凰桥街)

    Hanjiang District

    1. Old Xinjiang

    As a typical Muslim restaurant, it primarily serves traditional halal food in Xinjiang style. Moreover, the ornaments in the restaurant are also full of ethnic feeling. National clothes, musical instruments and hats on the wall will create an exotic atmosphere.

    • Chinese name: 老新疆 Lao Xingjiang
    • Recommended dishes: lamb shashlik (羊肉串), braised chicken with potato and green pepper (大盘鸡), lasagna (皮带面),Xinjiang-style braised lamb chops with Nan-bread (馕包肉)
    • Average price per person: 40 yuan
    • Address: 66 East Xingcheng Road, Hanjiang District (邗江区兴城东路66号)
    • Tel: 0514-85202777
    • Bus routes: 21, 29, 30, 33, or 61, get off at Nanbaodai Community (南宝带小区)

    2. Northwest Flavor Source Characteristics Kitchen

    As a time-honored shop, the restaurant serves many kinds of halal food. Among them, hand-pulled noodles with beef or mutton attract most customers. In addition, the environmentof it is clean and comfortable, though the restaurant is comparatively small.

    • Chinese name: 西北滋味源特色小厨 Xibei Ziweiyuan Tese Xiaochu
    • Recommended dishes: lamb shashlik (羊肉串), braised chicken with potato and green pepper (大盘鸡), hand-pulled noodles (拉面)
    • Average price per person: 20 yuan
    • Address: 8 East Qiuyu Road, Hanjiang District (邗江区秋雨东路8号)
    • Tel: 0514-84487100
    • Bus routes: 27, get off at Kangle New Village (康乐新村)