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Yangzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

Guangling District

Daming Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

There are not only various kinds of wheaten food and rice but also delicious vegetarian cuisines offered. It is famous for its delicious vegetarian diets with reasonable prices. There are three characteristics: firstly, there are abundant kinds of vegetarian materials in different seasons; secondly, based on Yangzhou style cuisines, all the cuisines are cooked with exquisite and special means; thirdly, many vegetarian diets are cooked with meat appearance and taste. The steamed bun wrapped by dry bean curd skin and wonton with thin skin and abundant filling are especially spoken highly by the customers. There is free soy-bean milk offered. It is free for parking.

Chinese name: 大明寺素食坊 Damingsi Sushi Fang

Recommended dishes: Dongpo “pork” (东坡肉, stewed white turnip with pork taste), steamed vegetarian bun with dry bean curd skin (豆腐皮包子), steamed green vegetables and mushroom bun (青菜香菇包), noodles serviced with soy bean (干拌面), stewed noodles with three fresh delicacies (三鲜煨面), green vegetable wonton (翡翠馄饨), steamed vegetarian three-dice bun (素三丁包)

  • Average price per person: 21 yuan
  • Opening hours: 6 am -1 pm, 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Address: Floor 1, Golden Horse Dasha, 180 Wenhui East Road, Guangling District (广陵区文汇东路180号金马大厦1层), opposite the Press Building (新闻大楼)
  • Tel: 0514-87783877
  • Transportation:
  • Take Bus 11, 17, 19, 30, 33 or 39 and get off at Xinhua Middle School (新华中学)

Xiaojiaolin Vegetarian Restaurant

It is a famous and old vegetarian restaurant in Yangzhou with thirty years’ history. The diets are well known for the delicious taste, abundant mount and reasonable prices. The environment is plain and simple with antique style. What is especially welcome by the customers is the fragrant and crispy fried dough twist. Besides, there are also many beautiful scenic spots nearby, really worth your visiting.

Chinese name: 小觉林素菜馆 Xiaojiaolin Sucai Guan

Recommended dishes: fried dough twist (麻花), three delicacies rice crust (三鲜锅巴), fried vegetarian “fatty intestine” (素肥肠, gluten and bean products with meat taste), shredded “pork” with garlic sauce (鱼香肉丝, frying carrots, green peppers and potatoes with mushroom made vegetarian meat slices), fried noodles with vegetables (炒面), steamed vegetarian three-dice bun (素三丁包), braised “meat” balls in brown sauce (红烧狮子头, winter melon and dry bean curd with meat taste), Yangzhou fried rice (扬州炒饭)

  • Average price per person: 19 yuan
  • Opening hours: 6 am – 9 pm
  • Address: 298 Guangling Road, Guangling District (广陵区广陵路298号), near the fire station (消防队)
  • Tel: 0514-87221179
  • Transportation:
  • 1. Take Bus 26 and get off at Century Hualian station (世纪华联)
  • 2. Take Bus 19 or 61 and get off at Dujiang Bridge station (渡江桥)

Hanjiang District

Liuheju Vegetarian Restaurant

It is located near Daming Temple and the Buddha Mountain, so you can have a good chance to experience the Buddhism culture and then have afternoon tea here. There are pure vegetarian diets offered. The meat-like diets are cooked very delicately and deliciously with vegetarian food materials. The environment is quiet and you need not wait for a seat.

Chinese name: 六和居素菜馆 Liuheju Sucai Guan

Recommended dishes: sweet and sour “spare rips” (糖醋排骨, lotus roots with spare rib taste), braised “meat” balls in brown sauce (红烧狮子头, winter melon and dry bean curd with meat taste), Yangzhou fried rice (扬州炒饭), fried corn with shrimp (玉米虾仁, made of konjac powder with shrimp taste), vegetarian “duck” (素鸭, gluten and bean products with duck appearance and taste)

  • Average price per person: 26 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 9 pm
  • Address: 31 Pingshantang Road, Hanjiang District (邗江区平山堂路31号), near Daming Temple (大明寺)
  • Tel: 0514-87331986
  • Transportation:
  • Take Bus 2 (tourism line) or 61 and get off at Piangshantang station (平山堂停车场)

Daming Temple Vegetarian Restaurant Wangyue Road Branch

  • Chinese name: 大明寺素食坊 (望月路店) Damingsi Sushi Fang Wangyuelu Dian
  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Opening hours: 6:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Address: 316 Wangyue Road, Hanjiang District (邗江区望月路316号)
  • Tel: 0514-87781821
  • Transportation:
  • Take Bus 21 or 101 and get off at the Moon Garden (月亮园)