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Yangzhou Shopping

Jade articles and lacquer wares produced in Yangzhou are famous. They are the representatives of Yangzhou handcrafts.

Yangzhou pickles have a long history. It is famous in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Being one of the representative snacks in Yangzhou, Yangzhou pickles taste fresh, sweet and crisp.

In addition, there are other famous local special products like fluffy toys, paper cuttings and bonsai (potted landscape).

The busiest shopping street in Yangzhou is Wenchang Road. All the large shopping centers are located along the street. The Siwangting Road (四望亭路) near the Wenchang Pavilion (文昌阁) is a popular food street among the locals .

Recommended Shopping Centers

Fluffy Toy Markets (长毛绒玩具市场)

Location: there are fluffy toy markets around the North Gate (北门), West Gate (西门) and South Gate (南门) of Slender West Lake (瘦西湖).

Summary: they are large-scale markets. Prices at the North Gate are relatively lower.

Transportation: passengers can take public bus No. 20 to the South Gate, or take tourist bus No. 1 or No. 2 to the North Gate

Daqilinge Tea Snack Shop (大麒麟阁茶食店)

Location: No.52, Guoqing road, Guanglin District (广陵区国庆路52号)

Summary: A well-known and time-honored store in Yangzhou, selling authentic local tea snacks.

Specialties: peanut brittle (花生糖), Jinguo powder (金果粉) and double-ninth cake (重阳糕)

Golden Engle International Shopping Center (金鹰国际购物中心)

Location: No.120, South Wenhe Road (汶河南路120号)

Transportation: passengers can take public bus No.12, 26, 29 or 32 to get there.

Summary: Located at Yangzhou’s busiest area – Wenchangge Square, it is a large comprehensive shopping center with numerous brands.

Daruifa Supermarket (大润发超市)

Location: No.2, Hancheng Street (邗城大道2号)

Transportation: passengers can take public bus No. 20, 26 or 66 to get there.

Summary: A large supermarket popular among the local people.

Wanjiafu Shopping Center (万家福商城)

Location: No.1, North Wenhe Road (汶河北路1号)

Transportation: passengers can take public bus No. 29 or 30 and get off at the Wanjiafu station.