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Yiwu Attractions

Yiwuis a prosperous trade town that has little to offer travelers. Unlike other tourist cities, such as Beijing and Hangzhou, which are filled with interesting sights, tourists are interested in visiting Yiwu not for its sights, but for its business culture.

Covered below are the most worthwhile attractions in Yiwu. Let us design your Yiwu tour to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Most Popular Yiwu Attractions

Shuanglin Iron Tower

Brief IntroductionShuanglin Iron Tower was built during Post Zhou Dynasty (952) by Zhu Hongji in the Shuanglin Temple at the foot of Yunhuang Mountain. Previously, there are two 5-layer octagonal iron towers in..

Desheng Yan

Brief IntroductionDesheng Yan is also known as Chou Yan (thick rocks) because of the dense rocks in the mountain. And Yiwu was once named Chouzhou in Tang Dynasty (621), after the mountain Chou Yan. It has ..

International Trade City

Brief IntroductionThe International Trade City is divided into three sections.The first section carries on four major goods, namely crafts, jewelry, toys and flowers, and more than 20,000 types of products. It ..