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International Trade City

Brief Introduction

The International Trade City is divided into three sections.

The first section carries on four major goods, namely crafts, jewelry, toys and flowers, and more than 20,000 types of products. It is the largest professional market dealing in crafts and toys.

The second section carries on bags, hardware, kitchen staffs, small appliances, watches and so on. The third section deals in stationery, sporting goods, cosmetics, eyeglasses, zippers, clothing accessories and other industries.

  • Location: The trade city is located in the prosperous Chouzhou Road.
  • Specialties: It is a landmark building for Yiwu as an international trade city. It has been hailed as the world's largest professional market by the United Nations, the World Bank and other international organizations, and awarded the honorary title of China's first AAAA-level shopping tourist area by The National Tourism Administration.


  • The trade city is closed between the first day to the seventh day of the first month of the lunar year during the Spring Festival holiday.
  • Most of the shops may only be reserved for wholesale, not retail.
  • September and October are the best time to fully appreciate the grand occasion, Yiwu International Commodities Fair.


  • Travelers at Nanfang Lian can take No.121 buses (market shuttle bus) and No.122 buses to the International Trade City.
  • Travelers from Bingwang Bus Station can take buses like No.101, No.121 and No.122 to the International Trade City, and can also take a taxi, with a fair of 5 yuan.
  • Travelers at the train station can take Y101 buses or No.801 buses directly to the International Trade City.