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Yixing Attractions

Yixing is a small city in Jiangsu, with several historic sites and beautiful mountains and rivers, such as the Shanjuan Cave Scenic Area, Yixing Ceramic Museum and the Sea of Bamboo. In the Sea of Bamboo, relax yourself in the green sea and the fresh air. Allow China Highlights to design your own tour of China including a trip to Yixing, if you are interested in visiting this city on the Yangtze River Delta.

Most Popular Yixing Attractions

Shanjuan Cave Scenic Area

LocationShanjuan Cave Scenic Area is situated on Luyan Mountain. It is twenty kilometers away from southwestern Yixing.FeaturesShanjuan Cave, like France's Lyons, is considered mysterious in China. The cave is ..

Yixing Ceramics Museum

LocationNo.50 Dingshan North Road, Dingshu Town, Yixing City.Special DistinctionIt has been praised as an "Oriental Pearl and a Ceramics Capital". Currently, it is the biggest ceramics museum in the area.Brief ..

The Sea of Bamboo

Location Xingzhuang Village. It is south of Yixing City. Special Distinction It is called the "No.1 Sea of Bamboo in East China" and the "No.1 Source of Taihu Lake". Brief Introduction It ..

Zhanggong Cave

Brief IntroductionZhang Gong Cave is also known as Geng Sang Cave, covering an area of 3,200 square meters. The tour distance is around 1,000 meters long. As one of the famous natural limestone caves, it is not..