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Zhenyuan Building

Zhenyuan Building (also named Jingyuan Building) is called the Drum-Tower by the local people. It is built in imitation of Xi'an Bell Tower. It is square in the surface and is erected on a brick altar, which is 32 meters in length and 9 meters in height. It is more than 30 meters from the pedestal to the top of the building. The building is a three-floor turriform architecture with cornices and rake angles. The building is a traditional Chinese architecture with elegant and solemn carved beams and painted rafters. There is a Cross Cave under the building, which leads to the four directions. Passengers and small-sized vehicles are able to pass through. There are four engraved steles embedded above the gates of the cave, that is "Xu Sheng (Sunrise) on the east", "Gu Cheng" (Merchant City) on the west, "Ying Xun" (Facing fume) on the south, and "Zhen Yuan" (Guarding Lands afar) on the north. Upon the building also hang four steles. The eastern one writes "Golden City and Spring Rain". The western one writes "Jade Pass and Moon in Dawn". The southern one writes "Sunny Day after Snowing in Mount Qilian". The north one writes "Residence Stretches to Old Pastureland". The completely preserved stone tablet recording the reconstruction of Ganzhou Drawbridge and Zhenyuan Building stands in the north of the building.

If the tourist goes there by self-drive car, he/she can first drive to Nanguan after leaving the express highway and entering the downtown area of Zhangye. Then drive straight to the north for about two bus stops, and Zhenyuan Building will come into sight. If the tourist goes there by bus, he/she can get off at the South Bus Station, walk east for about half the bus stop, then walk towards north for another two bus stops and will come to the destination.