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Zhenjiang Food

The most famous dishes in Zhenjiang include"three fish dishes" referring to dishes made of shad,sword fish and bullhead catfish; and"three odd delicacies" referring to crystal pork, fragrant vinegar and pot-cover noodles.Yanchun Restaurant the Street of River Food are the best places to have these cuisines.

The Street of River Food

Located at the side of Gold Hill, the Street of River Food is famous for"three fish dishes". While Golden Gulf Hotel is the largest restaurant on the street, Bishirong Restaurant and Gold Hill Fishing Village are also good choices (Whole fish feast, price: four persons 250 Yuan。

Address: At the side of Gold Hill, the Street runs from Changjiang River to Yinhangdao Ferry.
You can drive down from the west exit of Shanghai-Nanjing highway and along the Jinguang Avenue to the foot of Gold Hill. The street is about one km. from Changjiang Road.

In Zhenjiang there is a unique dish in high-class restaurants, Royal Recipes' Emperor Qianlong's Feast. Yet a similar but brand-new dish,"Zhenjiang Emperor Qianlong's Banquet" has been launched in Zhenjiang Hotel.You can experience the atmosphere of a palace banquet in almost every high-class Zhenjiang hotel. You can sit in the Qianlong hall and use a full set of silver cutlery, with all waitresses dressed in the attire of the Qing Dynasty. What's more, you can also enjoy famous snacks, such as steamed crab dumplings, which compare with Tianjin Goubuli stuffed buns. Yanchun Restaurant is one local fine-dining favorite.