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Zhenjiang Weather

Like Suzhou, the average temperature in July is 27.7 °C and the coldest temperature in January is 2.7 °C. Urban average annual rainfall is 1088.2mm. While a “rainy season” appears every June and July, the urban area enjoys plentiful sunshine, with a mean sunshine duration of 2,009.9 hours.

The best time for travel in Zhenjiang is spring and autumn, during which times a variety of festivals are held. Every December 31st, New Year's bell striking and wish making take place at Jinshan Temple. In May and April, the cherry blossoms in the Zhenjiang Baotashan Park bloom and the Magnolia Flower Festival of Baohua Mountain is held, along with the grand temple fair in Jurong Maoshan Hill. During Mid-Autumn Festival, the Osmanthus Flower Festival in Jiaoshan Hill Park and Golden Autumn Gourmet Festival are held one after another.