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Zhouzzhuang Shopping

With almost a-thousand year’s history, Zhouzhuang people have kept their unique life style, as well as exquisite craft for a long time. Shopping in Zhouzhuang you will find that everything you have brought contains the meaning of your tour. Every street of an antique style is a good choice of shopping, for example, you can enjoy many traditional shops in Zhenfeng Street, such as teahouses and old stores. As a typical water town in south of the Yangtze River, Zhouzhuang also abounds in silk, Suzhou embroidery, bamboo woven and other exquisite handicrafts. All these souvenirs and special products are everywhere in Zhouzhuang.

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Zhenfeng Street

Zhenfeng Street, also called Wenhua Street (Cultural Street), is a place that gathers the traditional cultures. Many small shops stand along the narrow street. Here there are herbal medicine shops, wine workshops, spinning weaving shops, bamboo woven shops and so on. Tourists can not only be relax and have a taste on the traditional Chinese culture, but also buy the souvenirs in this street.
Chinese name: 贞丰街(文化街)Zhenfeng Jie (Wenhua Jie)/ jnn-fnng jyeh/ wnn-hwah jyeh /


1. Bamboo Woven

Zhouzhuang Bamboo Woven has a long history, which is famous for compactness, strong, and durableness. In the Cultural Street, it is easy to see many local people, especially some old people, weave the bamboo woven. Their exquisite craftsmanship gives tourists a deep impression. In coordinate with tourism, people make the bamboo woven prettier than the common wovens.
Chinese name: 竹编 Zhubian/ jwoo-byen /

2. Tiger Head Shoes

Tiger Head Shoes are traditional shoes for Chinese children. In Chinese culture, people think Tiger Head Shoes can bring auspicious to children. Tiger Head Shoes in Zhouzhuang is of exquisite craft so that they are soft enough for children to wear.
Chinese name: 虎头鞋 Hutou Xie/ hwoo-taoww sshyeh /

3. Zhouzhuang Stove

Zhouzhuang Stove enjoys a high reputation, which is the best among copper wares. Coppersmiths knock the flat copper into oblate stove and hollow out a snow-shape or pearl-shape hole on the lid. At last, they won’t forget to engrave some pictures on the surface of the whole stove, such as flowers, landscape paintings, clouds, lines, or many kinds of birds and so on. Thus, Zhouzhuang Stove becomes a work of art.
Chinese name: 庄炉 Zhuanglu/ jwung-loo /