Wai Lingding Island

Wai Lingding Island, located south of Hong Kong, is an island town under the jurisdiction of the east district of Zhuhai City. It is 27.5 sea miles away from Macau and the urban area of Zhuhai to the west, about 35 sea miles from Shenzhen to the north, six sea miles from Changzhou Island in Hong Kong and 11 sea miles from Jianshazui harbor in Kowloon.

There are fliers and yachts coming and going every day. Wai Lingding Island has a unique style among the scattered Wanshan islands. It covers 4.23 square kilometers, and is graceful and tranquil, and full of fresh air. Wai Lingding, famous for its natural beauty, is ideal for tourists on vacation, large and small conferences, and training sessions.

Wai Lingding Island is graceful and sublime. Lingding peak, the highest peak on the island, soars to 311.8 meters. There are luxuriant flowers and trees all year round, providing much beauty. A view from the top gives you a view of the scattered islands. And while chasing waves in a speeding boat, you can experience the wash of the waves and the crosscurrent of the sea. In a clear day on Lingding seas, the water and the sky are of one color. At dusk, a thin mist and rosy clouds are reflected in the sea, and fishing boats can be viewed in the sunset. Among the watery mist, the scenery of the Xing River sometimes emerges out of the clouds and sometimes disappears in the fog, like a mirage in a fantasy.

The island is gorgeous though not very large, and graceful though not very high, and it is praised for its clean water and exotic stones. The island’s beaches of Lingding Bay, Tower Bay and Dadong Bay has fine sands and crystal waters, and are ideal places for fishing, swimming and surfing. There are also tourist facilities, such as the Lingding Sea Hotel and the Russian Mountain Resort. The main scenic spots are: the beach amusement park in Dadong Bay, the scenic area of Stone Park, the stone carvings on Mo Rock, the mirage on Xiang River, the morning bell of North Emperor Mountain and a collection of sightseeing scenes on Lingding peak.

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How to Get There?

You can take ships from the waterway passenger station on the North bank of Xiangzhou, Zhuhai. There are two fliers every day. Pick-up times in Xiangzhou: 8:20 and 14:30. Return times: 10:10 and 16:20. The trip takes about one and a half hours. Fare:72.5 yuan

Questions and Answers About Wai Lingding Island

David 2013-01-22
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Is it possible to get to Wailingding Island from Hong Kong? Also where can I find hotel rates for Wailingding Island?
Dear Sir or Madam, There is no direct ferry from Hong Kong to Wailingding Island. You could take a ship from Hong Kong to Zhuhai Jiuzhougang port, it takes about 70 minutes and costs about CNY175/US$28 per person. Then take a taxi to Xiangzhougang port, it takes half an hour and costs about CNY30/US$5 per car. There are some ships to Wailingding Island. It takes about 1.5 hours and costs about CNY70/US$11 per person. We don't have any information about the hotel on the Island, so I search it on line, here are two hotels for reference. 1. Haixin Hotel(珠海外伶仃岛海馨酒店), it is about 200 m from Wailingding port. 2. Xiangsilin resort (珠海东部相思林度假村), it is about 1 km form Wailingding prot. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-01-22
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