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Zibo Attraction

Zibo is abundant in historical and cultural relics, but very few are known to foreign travelers. This is perhaps because they are overshadowed by the capital of Jinan and bustling Qingdao. If you plan to visit Zibo, the following are the most popular attractions to visit.

Most Popular Zibo Attractions

Yuanshan Mountain National Forest Park

LocationYuanshan Mountain National Forest Park is located in the suburban area of Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province.FeaturesYuanshan Mountain National Forest Park is a national-level (AAAA) scenic s..

Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City

LocationZhoucun Ancient Commercial City is located in the west of Zhoucun District.DistinctionsIn the year 2001, Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City was listed as the key development projects of tourism of Shandong..

Zibo Liaozhai City

LocationZibo Liaozhai City is located in Pujia Village (Village of Family Pu), Hongshan Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City.DistinctionsZibo Liaozhai City is the hometown of Pu Songling who was also called "King ..

The Museum of Chinese Ancient Chariots

LocationThe Museum of Chinese Ancient Chariots is located in the ruins of Hou Li Culture. It is in Houliguan Village, Qiling Town, Linzi District.DistinctionsThe Museum of Chinese Ancient Chariots combines the ..