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Zibo Transportation


There is no airport in Zibo. However, Zibo is only 70 kilometers (about 43.50 miles) from Yaoqiang International Airport in Ji'nan (capital city of Shandong Province). Now, special buses from Zibo to Yaoqiang International Airport have been put into use.
People can take the bus in the terminal building for cities in central Shandong in Zibo. The address is Guo Mao Building (International Trade Building), No. 107 of Liu Quan Road, New and High-tech Zone of Zhangdian District, Zibo.


Zibo is an important railway junction in Shandong Province, with convenient railway transport of both passengers and freight. Within Shandong Province, trains in Zibo can reach Qingdao, Weihai, Taishan, Jinan etc. and out of Shandong Province, trains in Zibo can go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Hanghou and other cities. With railways extending in all directions, it is convenient for tourists to go to and leave Zibo.

Zibo Railway Station is in the southern part of Zhongxin Road in Zhangdian District. People can take Bus 2, Bus 7, Bus 35, Bus 89, Bus 108, Bus 123, Bus 125, Bus 132, Bus 139 and Bus 222 in the central city of Zibo to go to the railway station.

Road Transportation

Zibo Long-distance Bus Station is located in No.21, West XiongYuan Road, Zhangdian District. It faces Zibo Railway Station just across a street. Buses leaving Zibo Long-distance Bus Station van go to large citie both within and out of Shandong. To go there, people can take Bus 2, Bus 7, Bus 35, Bus 89, Bus 108, Bus 123, Bus 125, Bus 132, Bus 139 and Bus 222 in the central city. There are mostly long-distance buses going to cities like Shishi, Fuding, Cangnan, Longgang, Baixiang, Luqiao, Ningbo, Yuyao, Zhuji, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Nantong, Yancheng, Wuhan, Xuzhou, Juxian, Taixing, Jining, Laiwu, Chayekou, Yanzhou, Zhoukou and so on.


The starting price of taxis in Zibo is 6 RMB within 3 kilometers. After that, passengers will be charged 1.7 RMB per kilometer. At night, the starting price will increase to 7 RMB within 3 kilometers.

Public Transportation

Ordinary Bus

There are many bus lines in Zibo. Most buses work from 6:00 am. to 9:00 pm., and most buses are one-man bus with the ticket ptice of 1 RMB. To tourists, the most useful bus is Bus 222 and Bus 11. Bus 222 has stops at Commercial Banks, Zibo Commercial Building, Huaxia Commercial Building, Xiao Shang Pin Jie (Small Commodities Street) and Gallery for Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. Bus 11 has stops at Zibo Railway Station, Xinglong Commercial Center, Renmin (People's) Commercial Center, Department Store and so on.

Tourism Line

Bus 6 is the tourism line. It is the non-stop bus going from Zhangdian District and Linzi District and is the only tourism line in Zibo. It goes to Shan Mu Hotel, Vivarium, Gallery for Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, Central Hospital of Zibo City, Zibo Hotel, Gong Jiao Hotel (Public Transportation Hotel), Children's Playground of Zhangdian District, Yudai Lake Scenic Spot and so on.