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Zigong Travel Guide

colored lights parkColored Lights Park at Zigong

Zigong is a shining pearl of Chengdu, called "The Land of Abundance". Zigong is a prefecture-level city and one of the industry centers in Sichuan Province. It is 215 kilometers away from Chengdu or about 3 hours by car. The Zigong metropolitan area occupies 4,372 square kilometers and the city proper occupies 814 square kilometers. The total population of Zigong is 3,255,800. The area code for Zigong is 0813 and the zip code is 643000.

The salt industry in Zigong has a history of more than 2,000 years, so Zigong is renowned as the "Salt City". Since a vast collection of dinosaur fossils have been excavated here, Zigong is also known as the "Home of the Dinosaur". Additionally, as Zigong is the originator of the Chinese Lantern Festival, Zigong is also called "Lantern Town in South China".

Zigong is famous for salt and there is a Salt History Museum in the city. The Zigong Salt History Museum is the only Salt History Museum in China. Exhibits in the museum show visitors the history of the technological development of well salt (a kind of salt intustry: first drill a well then extract salt from water in the well) production.

Zigong is also famous for its dinosaur fossils. It is known as the "Home of the Dinosaur". Zigong Dinosaur Museum, which enjoys an equal reputation to the National Dinosaur Museum of America and the Canada Dinosaur Park, is one of the three most famous Dinosaur Museums in the world.

Furthermore, Zigong is acclaimed for its lantern exhibition, which is one of "Three Wonders" of Zigong. The local government has built a " Chinese Lantern Museum" in Zigong Lantern Park. At night, all the lanterns are lit. The lantern designs are very exquisite and the paintings on them are very rich. With the surrounding pavilions and decorated wooden windows, the scenery is so wonderful that it takes travelers' breath away and leads them into a night fantasy.

Zigong Weather

Zigong is located in the southeast of Sichuan Province. It is a hilly city and has a subtropical monsoon climate. The annual temperature here usually ranges between 17.5 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. Zigong has a total bright sunshine duration of 1150—1200 hours per year and the annual total rainfall is between 1,000  and 1,100 millimeters.

Among the four seasons in Zigong, the spring begins earlier than in other places, with temperatures rising quickly after Spring Festival. In summer, the temperature is high. It rains a lot and the precipitation is concentrative. Autumn here is short and it is always rainy. In winter, the temperature is not too low and it rarely rains. In general, the climate in Zigong is quite warm with four distinct seasons. It has plenty of rainfall and comparatively short hours of sunlight. It is usually cloudy.

From March to October is the height of the tourist season in Zigong, while between May and August is the best time for travelers to visit. Traveling in Zigong, there are two festivals which visitors should not miss: one is the Lantern Exhibition during the China’s Spring Festival and the other is the Dragon Lantern Show. Zigong is a famous lantern city. Its Lantern Exhibition has a history of eight to nine hundred years. During the Lantern Exhibition, travelers can enjoy all kinds of beautiful Chinese lanterns. It is a marvelous scene.