Dinosaur Museum of Zigong


It covers an area of 66,000 square meters and is built on the renowned “Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Coenosis Relics”. The fossils and specimens cover the types of known dinosaur existing at the Jurassic Period, 205 million to 135 million years ago. It is the museum which collects and displays the most dinosaur fossil of the Jurrasic Period.


It is the first museum specific for dinosaur and one of the largest museums of dinosaur relics.

Items on Display

There are mainly three parts.
1.In the first part, what is introduced is the basic knowledge about dinosaur, such as organic evolution, fossil, geologic era, the evolution and classification of dinosaur and so on.
2.In the second part, various types of dinosaur fossils are displayed.
3.In the third part, the bury relics of dinosaur are exhibited, showing the unearthing site of a big area.

Opening Time

08:30 – 17:30


It is in the northeast of Zigong City, nine kilometers away from city center.
(Zigong City is about 200 km both from Chengdu and Chongqing Cities, and 67 km from Yibin Airport.)

Questions and Answers About Dinosaur Museum of Zigong

nick 2011-10-08
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Do you know anyone going to Zigong Dino Park tomorrow.... I need a ride there on 9 oct 11
Hi Nick, this is Nora, a trip advisor of China Highlights. Are you in Beijing now? I'm afraid we don' know anyone who will drive from Beijing to Zigong. As the distance is over 2000 km, it will take 1-2 days by car. There is another option: flight. You could take flight from Beijing to Chengdu first and then take bus from Chengdu to Zigong. Wish you a nice trip! Nora Ou replied on 2011-10-08
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