There is an old saying that “The essence of Sichuan cuisine is from Zigong cuisine”. Zigong is the home of well salt. The Zigong cuisine is characterized by a heavy but rich flavor and a strong aroma. With its special attention to seasoning, Zigong cuisine is famed for its pungency and spiciness.

Special Dishes

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The beef here has a distinctive flavor. The recommended dishes such as Pepper Beef, Beef Hot Pot, Braised Beef, Salt Beef, Beef Soup and Roast Beef are all worth trying.

Among Zigong's beef dishes, the Fire Roast Beef is one of the finest. Although there are other beef dishes similar to it, the Fire Roast Beef is famed for its unique characteristics. As it demands great skill to slice the beef into thin slices, very few people can properly prepare it. The meat used for the Fire Roast Beef is only selected from quality portions from the cow's hind legs. Since its preparation is highly sophisticated, the method is a secret.

In addition, rabbit meat and fish are also favorites among the locals. It is said that there are many famous restaurants on Tongxin Road, Shanwan Road and streets next to the Qiansheng Store.

Famous Dishes

Traveling in Zigong, visitors must try and taste some famous local dishes such as DanDan Mian (spicy Chinese noodles), Zheng Chaoshou (a kind of dumpling soup), Qing Rongsin’s Soybean Curd Soup, Xie’s Bean Jelly, Yan’s Steamed Rice Glue and Bean Paste Rice.

Recommended Restaurants

Old and famous restaurants: Among the old and famous restaurants are Tiande restaurant, Luming restaurant, Jingu restaurant, Xinjin restaurant, Minjiang restaurant and Huabei restaurant.

Emerging restaurants: In recent years, there have appeared a group of emerging restaurants including Salt Dealer restaurant, Private Dish restaurant, Guildhall-styled Restaurant, Nanguoyan Restaurant, South Sichuan Restaurant, Shujiangchu Restaurant, A Xi Restaurant, Liu Fen Restaurant and Yanbangchuanren Restaurant.