Francisco José Leandro's Story

  • Chinese Name: 利天佑
  • Nationality: Portugal
  • Email:
  • Places visited in China: Yangshuo, Chengdu, Huanglong Valley and Harbin

My Travel Story

The year of 2012 landmarks my first trip to People's Republic of China, and ever since, I have been traveling around China together with Carla my wife. Indeed, I feel that I need 50 years more of intense travelling to complete my understanding of this immense, diverse and unique place.As a couple we spent a good part of our life together travelling from Iceland to Morocco, from Cuba to Syria, and from Mongolia to Australia. Nevertheless, People's Republic of China represents a deep discovery of a millenary culture, apenetrating experiment of an assorted urban and human landscape, and foremost it stands as an empathetic heritage of the world in which we all live in.

I'm Francisco José Leandro (利天佑) Associate Professor at City University of Macau, China. If I may offer all travelers a piece of advice, here you have: travelling in China calls for advance planning, and great support of professional people such China Highlights, but it is undeniably a rewarding journey!