Ann Wilson-Wilde's Story

  • Nationality: Australia
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  • Places visited in China: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Shanghai

My Travel Story

I thought I would drop you a line regarding our recent trip to China Although China Highlights was recommended to us, it is always daunting to deal with an overseas tour company. We need not have worried. Every email I sent to you prior to our trip was answered promptly, and sometimes within the hour. It gave me confidence that I was dealing with a professional organisation with excellent customer service. You arranged everything perfectly and all went smoothly. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

I thought I would also give you some feedback on the trip itself:


Sophia, our guide, was a lovely young lady who took us through the uncrowded areas not frequented by tourists, so we were very grateful for that – no crowds. She did take us to a cloisonne factory (not on the itinerary) – we did, however, feel they rushed us through the cloisonne factory process to get us into the showroom. However, I was quite firm and said I wasn’t going to buy anything. The tea making ceremony, although not on the itinerary, was just wonderful – I did buy some overly expensive tea, but felt it was worth the experience of tasting all the lovely teas.

Sophia did not give us the feedback form to fill in, but instead asked us the questions from the front seat of the car on the way to the airport; I simply signed the back page.

The food in Beijing was sensational and the hotel very good indeed.


Ken was a very good tour guide and we enjoyed his company and friendliness. Without him I would have met the farmer who discovered the Terracotta Warriors. He gave us the feedback form to fill in on the way to the airport and I added comments. Hotel was fine.

Guilin & Yangshuo

Our favourite places of the whole trip. Beautiful scenery and so very interesting. As for Jessica our tour guide, well, what can I say about Jessica. As far as Stuart and I were concerned she is the jewel in the China Highlights crown and has to be the best tour guide you have. Her English is near perfect and she has an understanding of Western thinking and humour. We absolutely loved her, Stuart in particular as she laughed at all his jokes! What an excellent tour guide she is.

Stuart was a little unwell when he came off the boat trip from Guilin and went to lie down in the hotel, so I decided I would go into the village and look at the shops. Jessica offered to come with me to interpret, although she didn’t have to. What a great asset she was when it came to communicating with shop owners. When it came to the eBike ride, I thought it would be a bicycle with a little motor on it. Instead, it was a scooter. Never having ridden a scooter before, I did attempt to ride it, but within 30 seconds both Stuart and Jessica decided I was not only a danger to myself, but also to other road users. Stuart was disappointed as he really wanted to go on the bike. Jessica came to the rescue and suggested I ride behind her. So I did. And we had a wonderful hour or so going through the countryside around Yangshuo. So, thank you Jessica!

Loved the cookery school – Bin Bin is a very good teacher.

We’d like to go back to Guilin and Yangshuo and will definitely ask for Jessica again.

We loved the hotel in Yangshuo, by the way.

Jessica gave us the feedback form to fill in on the way to the airport and I added comments. I also added an extra column (“Excellent”) relating to Jessica.


Bright is another young lady, who will go the extra mile. She took us to see The Bund at night – although not on our itinerary she said she wanted us to see Shanghai by night. And it was just wonderful to stroll along The Bund on a balmy evening. I am so pleased she persuaded us to go with her rather than have an early night at the hotel! She looked after us extremely well and always had our welfare at heart. Bright is an excellent tour guide.

Below is an email I have sent to all our friends, family and work colleagues. I hope my email encourages those who would like to visit China to contact you.