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Aershan Travel Guide

Alshan National Forest ParkAlshan National Forest Park

Aershan City is located in the Northwest of Xin'an Prefecture in Inner Mongolia. It lies in the conjunction of Mongolian, Xilinguole, Ke'erxin and Hulunbuir grasslands, with territory stretching through the northwest ridge of Daxinganling, bordering with Hulunbuir City in the northeast and Mongolia in the west. Alshan is a Mongolian name which means "Hot Spring". The city covers an area of 7400 square kilometers, with a population of 60,000 which makes up of Mongolian, Han, Hui, Korean, and Xibo ethnic groups.

Landscape of Alshan features great grasslands, within the terrain of which four great grasslands: Mongolian Grassland, Xilinguole Grassland, Ke'erqin Grassland and Hulunbuir Grassland meer, and rolling and endless mountains, the Daxingganlin Mountain running through its terrritory.

Alshan is well-known to Chinese tourists and is beginning to be heard of among foreign travelers for Alshan Ski Resort, which is China's second-best ski resort in China, surpassed only by Yabuli Ski Resort in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. The long snow season each year in the area has resulted in snow of high quality.

Aershan Transportation

There is one departure from Ulanhot to Alshan every day. The Journey takes around 6 hours. There are 4 or 5 buses heading to Alshan from Ulanhot each day. It  takes 3-4 hours to cover the 254 kilometers'distance.

Aershan Weather

Alshan is located in the alpine continental region and it belongs to the cold temperature zone. Weather in Alshan is relatively cool all year round; summer is short and cool while winter is chilly and long. Temperature varies greatly according to seasons. The annual average temperature is around 3 °C. The annual rainfall is about 445 millimeters with 47% of the rainfall comes in July and August. Snow days last for over 150 days and the depth of snow can reach as high as 37 millimeters.

The best time to visit Alshan region is summer and autumn, when the weather is most comfortable and the grasslands most beautiful.  But if you are like winter activities such as skiing, the period from November to April is the best season to ski in Alshan Ski Resort. Warm clothes, hat and gloves are recommended even in cool autumn as it may become very cold at night.