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Arxan National Forest Park

Alshan National Forest Park is located at the southwest foot of Inner Mongolian side of Daxinganlin. It covers an area of 103000 square meters. Alshan National Forest Park is the ideal summer resort due to its cool weather, fresh air and dense forest. In addition, the mountain's various landscapes, well-maintained ecological environment has attracted numerous scientists during the past decade.

Alshan National Forest Park is a prime habitat for a number of plant and animal species.

Alshan Mountain abounds in geological relics and has rare deposit of mine resource. Since ancient times, the area has seen numberless volcano eruptions, which have given rise to odd-shaped rocks, sheer cliffs and narrow precipices.


With ideal nature environment alone isn't enough to be appealling to tourists. Alshan National Forest Park have a lot of tempting attractions to see, which include the highest peak  of the Daxinganlin mountain ranges, Te'ermei Peak,, stone forest and lakes on top of the mountains, resulted from frozen lava of the volcano eruptions, clear rivers and dense and primitive forestes.

Alshan National Forest Park is aboudant in hot springs. Hot springs in Alshan Mountain is drinkable and is with healing property. Dipping  in the hot springs in believed to be able to cure some certain chronic diseases.