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Anshun Donglin Temple


  • Buddhist Temple in Anshun
  • Long history of Buddhism at the site


This is an important Buddhist temple in Guizhou Province. It has a long history of spreading Pure Land Buddhism around China and to Japan. It is now also one of Guizhou's most active temples. Donglin Temple is made of stone and wood. The temple is contains Buddhist books and relics. Its main buildings include: Bounding Wall, Mountain Gate, Maitreya Hall, Great Buddha’s Hall, Jade Buddha hall, Avalokitesvara Hall, Reception Room and Bell Tower.


Donglin Temple was first built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty from 1573 to 1620, and it was renovated in the early years of the Qing Dynasty. During the Cultural Revolution, it was badly damaged and the government funded repairs afterwards.


Donglin Temple is located east of the downtown of the little town of Anshun. You can reach it by taxi from the bus station.

To get to the Anshun Bus Station from a bus station in Guiyang, it costs about 20 to 30 RMB and takes 2 hours. Buses leave from the Railway Bus Station and the bus station at Yanan Xilu ( 延安西路汽车站) about 2 or three times an hour during the day.

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