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Red Flag Canal Tourism Area

Surrounded by the natural scenery of Mt. Taihang, man-made Red Flag Canal, built in the 1960s, looks like a huge silver dragon, or a blue silk ribbon winding around the mountain. "Red education" and the fabulous scenery are the treasures there.

Originating from the Zhuozhang River, Red Flag Canal is about 4.3 meters deep, 8 meters wide and 70.6 kilometers long. It is located at the border of Shanxi, Hebei, and Henan provinces, 50 kilometers from Anyang.

The mains attractions, including Youth Cave and Red Flag Canal Museum, present a combination of magnificence and adventure.

Youth Cave

Carved out of a cliff in the mountainside, Youth Cave sums up the essence of this grand water engineering project, against a background of stunning natural scenery. It is 616 meters long, 5 meters high, and 6.2 meters wide, the longest tunnel of the entire canal.

Buyun Bridge

Suspended in the air and stretching between two mountains, Buyun Bridge looks soft and sophisticated. You will feel tiny when you walk on the bridge surrounded by the giant mountains. 

Boating on Red Flag Canal

Have you ever gone boating on the mountainside? You can have a wonderful and unforgettable experience boating on the canal on the mountainside, and passing through the mountain caves.

A Plank Roadway on the Cliff

On the east side of the mountain, there is a winding and narrow waterway suspended high in the air.  Walking by the water, you can feast your eyes on the splendid natural scenery.

Luosi Deep Pool Scenic Spot

The valley scenery is one of the most attractive things about Red Flag Canal. The river falls from the cliff over 100 meters to a deep pool, like a horse and dragon army. Especially in the rainy season, in summer, it looks as magnificent as Hukou Waterfall.

A Chain Bridge Connecting Henan and Hebei Provinces

This wooden chain bridge was built in 1807, connecting Henan and Hebei provinces to make transport more convenient. After more than 200 years of human usage and buffeting by the elements it is still tough and solid. You can look down at the valley and pool as well as the waterfall when walking on the bridge.

The Red Flag Canal Museum

Some cultural relics related to the building of Red Flag Canal are displayed in the museum, including 210 precious historic photos. In addition, the famous movie "Red Flag Canal" is played in a movie hall to commemorate the hard and unforgettable years and the great spirit of China's great revolutionists.

Travel Essentials

  • Location: 225 Taihang Road, Linzhou City, Anyang
  • Tel: 0372-6811466, 0372-6040080, 0372-6048003
  • Open: 8am – 9pm in summer; 8am 6pm in winter
  • Ticket price: 100 yuan (including Red Flag Canal Museum, Youth Cave Scenic Spot and Luosi Deep Pool)