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Linlǜ Mountain International Paragliding Site

Linlǜ Mountain International Paragliding Site is located on the east side of Mt. Taihang in Linzhou, which is situated near Anyang, 600km south of Beijing.

It has been developed to be a successful international-level paragliding site. Enjoy the freedom of the sky and appreciate Taihang Grand Canyon from an unordinary angle while paragliding.

The mountaintop has many large parking lots. Many international paragliding competitions are held there as it is flat with not too much vegetation. 

The landing site is in a vast area of farmland, and it is convenient for retrieving your paraglider.

Best Time for Paragliding

The weather in Linzhou is suitable for paragliding especially from April to June as the wind is stable and the cloud base can reach more than 4,000m.

February and March are windy and not appropriate for paragliding.


  • Before paragliding, you must make inquiries at Linzhou Paragliding Club, because the weather is changable and may not be suitable for paragliding.
  • One professional coach will fly with you.
  • Price: 580 yuan for 20 minutes

Linzhou Paragliding Club

As the only professional paragliding club in Linzhou, it is praised as a holy site by many pilots, Linzhou Paragliding Club has a lot of professional coaches and facilities for paragliding.

Accommodation is offered in the club. Transportation vehicles can drive you to the paragliding sites everyday. 

  • Address: Sports Center, Xihuan Road, Linzhou City
  • Tel: 0372-6105688/99
  • Website: www.linzhouclub.com