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The 5 Best Free Apps for Tourists in Beijing

Beijing on a Budget, App

Traveling around Beijing can be difficult, but thankfully technology has made things a whole lot easier. Even in China, there are a lot of apps that can make finding the right tourist attractions or getting on the subway a lot easier. Here are the top apps for tourists traveling in Beijing.

Beijing on a Budget

Beijing on a Budget is a great app for various reasons, but mainly because it is aimed at tourists or people who are less familiar with the city. It holds a lot of valuable information, and provides offline search. You can view venues, attractions, restaurants, bars, parks and more through searching in different categories, or based on people's comments which will update when you connect to the Internet. The owner of the app will also respond to queries in the comments section which is extremely helpful.

Party in Beijing

For everyone who wants to get into the Beijing nightlife scene, this is the perfect app. It has a rundown of all parties and events happening in the city over the next few weeks, both frequented by locals and expats. The perfect way to find out what's happening in Beijing regardless of how long you have been here. All you have to do is register your account and you're on your way to making the most of your nights in Beijing. Most importantly, all venues have the Chinese characters too, to help you get there.

Metro Beijing Subway

To fully comprehend Beijing's subway system, and to make it faster to find subway stops rather than spending ages pouring over the map trying to find that one subway station, Metro Beijing Subway is the best option. There is a big map you can zoom in and out of, and there is also a list of all trains, their final destinations, operating times, and you can check the fastest way to and from any station using the app's functions.

Baidu Maps

Beijing Maps and Walks

This app has a rundown of some of the most popular tourist destinations and walks in the city. Perfect for if you have the tendency to get lost, or those who love discovering by walking, this app has a variety of tours to suit everybody. For example, there is the Beijing Temple walk, the Museums and Art Gallery Walk or there are various shopping walks.

Baidu Maps

The local version of Google Maps, Baidu Maps has everything on its system. It is perfect if you need to know where the closest bank is, the closest mobile phone store, or other places like the cinema, restaurants by cuisine, hotels and even tourist attractions. The only downside is that to use this function you have to be connected to the internet, so make sure you find out where everything is before leaving the hotel.


If this is your first time in Beijing, these apps can be the perfect addition to your first tour, which we have a lot of great suggestions for. If you already know what you want your holiday in China to look like, you can contact us about putting together your own itinerary.

China Highlights for Mobile Users

China Highlights also has our own mobile version, so you can take everything with you on the go, especially since we also offer Wi-Fi on our tours, meaning you'll never be left out of touch.

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