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Best Places to Eat Near Beijing's Great Wall Sections

The Great Wall is one of China's most fascinating attractions that pulls crowds from all over the world. It has over 10 of the best sections near Beijing, where it can be quite difficult to find a restaurant. Below are the best places to eat while on a tour of the longest wall in the world.

1. Commune by the Great Wall — Badaling

Peking duck Peking duck

Although this is a group of villas, suits and other facilities, there are two restaurants from where you can have your favorite dishes and drinks, namely the Poolside Cafe and Terrace Lounge.

Located by the expressway out to the Great Wall section at Badaling, other facilities include a Kid’s Club, an outdoor pool, and a tennis court. Commune is a great place to taste Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Peking Duck, and desserts.

  • Location: Badaling Expressway (G6) Shuiguan exit, north of the Shuiguan Great Wall section, east of Badaling.
  • Bus 877 from Deshengmen to Badaling and then a taxi

2. Jindian Restaurant — Badaling

Chinese Chefs

It sells traditional Chinese food and is a nice place to eat from if you are visiting the Ming Tombs.

  • Location: by the Badaling Expressway, near the Jade Carving Factory
  • Bus 877 from Deshengmen to Badaling and then a taxi

3. Brickyard Retreat Restaurant — Mutianyu

This is one of the facilities comprising of the Brickyard Retreat, at the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall — highly popular with Western tourists. Not only does it offer food and drinks, but also has various entertainment facilities such as a spa and gaming rooms. It is a nice place to stay overnight.

Scrambled EggsScrambled eggs with chives
  • Location: Beigou Village, Huairou County, 15 minutes from the Great Wall
  • Bus 916 from Dongzhimen to Huairou Beidajie (怀柔北大街), then hire a private car

4. Shan Ba — Mutianyu

They serve a variety of dishes including grilled fish, scrambled eggs, fried pepper buds and rainbow trout.

  • Location: 2.1 miles from the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.
  • Bus 867 from Dongzhimen to Mutianyu village, then hire a private car
  • Open: 7:00am and 8:30am daily

5. Jinshan Hotel — Jinshanling

Roast whole lambRoast whole lamb

This is a popular antique-style outlet that sells local food at the Great Wall section at Jinshanling. You can also buy roast whole lamb and host campfire parties. It is a nice place for families because of the nearby facilities where they can sleep. You can try some other dishes like baked small corn cake and stewed bean curd with Chinese cabbage.

  • Location: outside the Jinshanling Great Wall Ticket Gate
  • Direct bus: from Wangjing West (望京西) subway station to Jinshanling's Great Wall Ticket Gate at 8am (returns 3pm).

6. Jintang Mountain Villa — Huanghuacheng

Jintang Mountain Villa, near the Great Wall section at Huanghuacheng, is a good place to eat good food and spend the night. The nearby Xishuiyu Folk Village has a number of farmhouses that serve village food and local snacks.

  • Location: By Jintang Lake, at the foot of Huanghuacheng's Great Wall, an hour's drive from Beijing
  • Bus 916 at Dongzhimen to the Huairou Conference Center, then a blue Huairou-Xishuiyu mini bus, and hire a private car to reach the villa

7. Zhao's Hostel — Jiankou

China Highlights DriverChina Highlights' private transport is especially recommended for hard-to-get-to sections like Jiankou.

This hostel is located near the Great Wall at Jiankou and offers a variety of authentic dishes. These include wild vegetables, free range eggs, pan-fried green onion cakes, corn, dumpling with vegetable stuffing, millet gruel and all sorts of barbecue.

It is the most popular inn in Xizhazi village and a common stop for photographers and hikers.

  • Location: at the foot of the steep photogenic Jiankou ridge
  • Bus 916 from Dongzhimen to Nanda Street in Huairou, then a Qifengcha minibus to Badaohe, and a taxi to Xizhazi Village

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