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 Top 4 Places for White Water Rafting around Beijing

Top 4 Places for White Water Rafting around Beijing

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Feb. 1, 2023

The heat waves remind people that summer's footsteps have already arrived. The best thing you can do in the hot season is to go out for a tour of rafting, especially with your family and lover. Here are four recommended places for rafting around Beijing.

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1. White River Bay Rafting (白河湾漂流)

White River Resort is the only natural scenic spot for rafting in Beijing. It is one of China's best rafting resorts, loved by tourists. With a distance of 95 kilometers from Beijing and 40 kilometers from downtown Huairou (怀柔城区), the transportation is very convenient. rafting the whole distance is about 12 kilometers long on its 50 meters wide river surface; this will take you about half an hour. Each boat is only for two people, so that you can drive the boat as you want; you can control the direction by yourself or just let it gently float with the tide. During the rafting, you can enjoy the beautiful mountains on both sides of the river; you can see different plants painting the forest and hillsides, and crystal clear water running all the time. What a comfortable tour! It is an ideal place for rafting, entertainment, hiking, farm tourism and for viewing natural scenery.

  • Address: White River Bay, Qingshiling Village, Liuli Town, Huairou District (怀柔区琉璃庙镇青石岭村的白河湾)
  • rafting information: About 12 kilometers (1.5 hours)
  • Ticket price: 180 yuan/person (one life jacket, one rubber raft for two people; oars are included)
  • Booking tel: 010-59466676 (book an appointment before you go there)
  • How to get there: Bus route 936 from Dongzhi Gate (东直门) to Huaibeizhuang (怀北庄), change to bus 936 and get off at Qiananling (前安岭) Bus Station. Then take a taxi to the entrance.
  • Tips: Battery cars are waiting for sightseers at the downstream destination, with an extra fee of 10 yuan/person.
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2. Tang River Rafting (汤河一川漂流)

With the slogan of "return to nature", Tang River boasts of its natural landscapes and unique original scenery. Without any traces of the artificial polish or bustle of downtown, everything there is natural, simple and pure. The average flow velocity of Tang River is 1.38 m/s. The narrowest point of the river is 50 meters, while the widest is 200 meters. It features several big vertical drops along the river, with torrents, and some valleys are flanked by towering mountains. You can enjoy the experience as your raft goes up and down with the waves. Going rafting in Tang River is very exciting!

  • Address: Tanghekou Town, Huairou County, Beijing (北京市怀柔县汤河口镇)
  • rafting information: About 6 kilometers (almost 1 hour)
  • Ticket price: 120 yuan/person (one life jacket, one rubber raft for two people; oars are included)
  • How to get there: Bus route 916 to 936 from Dongzhi Gate (东直门) to Huairou (怀柔), walk a short way to Yujiayuan Bus Station (于家园站), and change to bus 936 to Xiaohuangtang Bridgehead Station (in the direction of Tanghekou, 汤河口方向). You'll find the "Yichuan Rafting Movie-Video Shooting Base" (一川漂流影视基地) there.
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3. North Beijing First Floating (京北第一漂)

North Beijing First Floating, also named "Dragon's Den" or "Wonderland of Clouds' Dreams", is a place where tourism was developed earlier and the cultural deposits are rich. It is famous for the breathtaking rafting project and picturesque scenery. In this scenic spot, there is also an amazing natural canyon, which people also call "Beijing's Brahmaputra Canyon". You can experience thrilling rapids and the beauty of the landscapes at the same time. What's more, activities like a bonfire party, a barbecue, a picnic, log cabin accommodation and open-air karaoke are offered in the North Beijing First Floating Entertainment Center.

  • rafting information: About 15 kilometers (1.5 to 2 hours)
  • Ticket price: 210 yuan/person (including one life jacket, oars and one rubber raft for two people)
  • How to get there:

    1. Take the 916 fast bus from Dongzhi Gate Coach Station (东直门长途汽车站) to Huairou Bus Terminal (怀柔公交总站).

    2. Find Yujiayuan Bus Station (于家园汽车站) in the bus terminal, and then take a bus to Baichazi Station (柏查子车站) in the direction of Tangkekou (汤河口).

    3. Go backwards about 500 meters and you'll see the traffic light street intersection of Yunmengxianjing (Wonderland of Clouds' Dreams, 云梦仙境红绿灯口).

    4. The intersection is still 6 kilometers from the rafting place; therefore it is advisable to go there by taxi (about 20 yuan).

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Tips for Rafting:

  • Take a change of clothes with you.
  • Keep your expensive, non-waterproof belongings away from the water, or wrap them up with plastic bags.
  • Take care of your glasses.
  • Always wear a life jacket

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