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The 9 Best Beijing Restaurants for Children

Hello kitty, Beijing restaurants for kids Try the authentic local dishes with your family

When you are exploring Beijing, try out these eateries, with enough for parents, even more for children, and a chance to relive your childhood, Beijing style.

Hello Kitty

When passing by the Shimao Department Store in Sanlitun why not say hello to Kitty. The Hello Kitty themed restaurant is unique from the door: vibrant décor, homey-styled furniture and environments suited for kids. 

If travelling with pint-sized picky eaters who aren’t ready for the adventure of Chinese cuisine, Hello Kitty has the answer. Bountiful with genuine Western-style dishes, pizza, spaghetti, and salads, it can be a vacation from the vacation. If seeking an appropriate restaurant for little girls and boys alike, this Hello Kitty themed restaurant is definitely the place.

Station One YoYoubox

Eat below the forest canopy design and amid the vast 300 square meter dining space of Station One YoYoubox. Beyond tantalizing Western-style dishes, drinks and desserts, YoYoubox offers family oriented live performances. Chefs may serve up dishes right in front of customers. Interactive cooking experiences get the entire family involved and children literally have a hands on experience. 

Located by the Bell Temple in Zhongkun Square, YoYoubox’s unique dining experience is one not to be missed.

Buddy Bear

For those looking for a combination of thrills and food, Buddy Bear offers both and a variety of toys to boot. With an amusement park and fairy-tale-themed activities it’s a no-brainer. Kids run wild yet safely and work up a beast of an appetite. Mouthwatering Western and Chinese cuisine alike concludes with desserts galore, from fruity to chocolaty, desserts are Buddy Bear’s forte. 

Found in the Jinyuan Shopping Center on Yuanda Road family’s can end an exciting day at the park with an exciting meal. Two birds, one stone: fun for adults and children alike.

Chinese Family Restaurant Recommendations

Here are six restaurants recommended by Chinese sources for families with children in Beijing.

1. Da Dong Roasted Duck Shop (Worker's Gymnasium Outlet)

peiking duckpeiking duck

Da Dong Roasted Duck Shop has a garden of over 1,000 square meters, which is dotted with a long corridor and a lotus pond. It's profound traditional Chinese culture atmosphere, make it the first choice for families with children in Beijing.

Chinese name: 大董烤鸭店(工体店)

Address: North of the east gate of Worker's Gymnasium, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 朝阳区工体东门北侧

Telephone: 010 -65511808

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Bus 110, 113, 115, 117, 118, 120, 208, 403, 406, 416, 431, 623, 673, 701 or 758

2. Vanilla Vanilla Yunnan Original Ecological Hotpot Shop

The restaurant features traditional Dali Yunnan food, which features an excellent combination sour-and-hot taste. "Double Harvest", light "Fragrant Hotpot with Mushrooms", "Dried Round Chili" and "Fish Head Hotpot with Peppers" are some of the most famous dishes.

Wild edible fungi and soup stewed for over eight hours are available in the shop, with fresh ingredients such as Chahua chicken, saffrons and indigo-wood roots. The shop provides an excellent Children Recreation Area.

Chinese name: 香草香草云南原生态火锅

Address: on the second floor, Mingshan Mansion, No. 55, Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing. 海淀区苏州街55号名商大厦二层

Telephone: 010 -82621976

Opening hours: 11:00 am to 9:30 pm

Metro line 10 to Suzhou Street Station, exit D, and walk 200 meters

Bus: take 26, 361, 367, 374, 944, 110 or 118 and get off at West Gate Station of Renmin University.

3. Beijing Obelisco Argentina Barbecue Restaurant

The restaurant is just like a manor dotted with green trees along the lawn ,and has a glass roof to allow sunshine in. The interval between two tables are spacious so that children can play freely without worrying about disturbing the other people. The lawn outside the restaurant is ideal for children to play games. More interestingly, various kinds of Argentina handicrafts are available in the restaurant to meet the curiosity of children.

Chinese name: 阿根廷庄园

Address: No. 1, Laiguangying East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, neighboring Jinshun Road Mouth. 朝阳区来广营东路1号(京顺路口)

Telephone: 010 -84701666

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Bus: take 641, 359, 116, 451, 988, 991, 935, 405, 915, 918, 942, 980 or 538 to get there.

4. Kings Joy Beijing

Spring RollsSpring Rolls

As an elegant quadrangle dwelling with a glass roof, Kings Joy Beijing is a famous vegetarian-food restaurant in Beijing. Kings Joy provides a good chance to play along the pebble-paved path among its bamboo woods, and it has become an ideal choice for families with children to enjoy dinner due to its special vegetarian dishes such as Steam Buns, Spring Rolls and Tofu.

Chinese name: 京兆尹

Address: No. 2, Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, neighboring Yonghe Palace Temple Bridge. 东城区五道营胡同2号(近雍和宫桥)

Telephone: 010 -84049191

Opening hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Metro line:  2 or 5 to Yonghe Palace Temple Station.

Bus 13, 117, 116, or 684.

5. China Lounge

Nestled in Beijing downtown, China Lounge combines traditional Chinese style and western style with glass walls and large French windows. Children can run on the lawn and play hide-and-seek . The quiet yard, lake and green trees also add much luster to China Lounge.

Chinese name: 唐廊

Sanlitun Outlet Address: in the south gate, Worker's Gymnasium, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 朝阳区工人体育场南门内

Telephone: 010 -65011166

Opening hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Bus Route: take 515 or 615 to get there.

Huguosi Outlet(护国寺店)

Address: on the third floor, No. 85, Huguo Xintiandi, Huguosi Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing. 西城区护国寺街85号护国新天地3楼(近护国寺小吃)

Telephone: 010 -83286860

Opening hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Metro line: 4 or 6 to Pinganli.

Bus 609, 22, 88, or 409.

6. Agrilandia

Neighboring the sixth ring road of Beijing, Agrilandia features a lofty roof and large French windows, lawns, rockeries and orchards, where the children can fully enjoy themselves. More interesting, a mini zoo is also available in Agrilandia, and it is the favorite of children due to its little lovely animals.

Chinese name: 意大利农场餐厅

Address: Baige Village, Mapo Town, Shunyi District, Beijing.顺义区马坡镇白各庄(近北六环)

Telephone: 010 -69407780

Opening hours: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm

Bus 916 or 908.

Traveling with China Highlights

The flexibility of our Beijing tours allow us to take you to the Great Wall in the morning and offer endless options for family and children friendly eateries in the afternoon. If you are planning a family tour to Beijing, please see our recommended tour below for inspiration:

If you are not interested in the above tour, just tell us your interests and requirements and we will help you tailor-make a perfect Beijing family tour.

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