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Travel Tips for Physically Challenged Travelers to Beijing

Cable car at the Mutianyu Cable car at the Mutianyu

Don't worry that you may have some problems traveling around Beijing if you are physically challenged. Convenient facilities at the attractions, together with our considerate service make our Beijing tours as convenient and access-friendly as possible.

Planning a Tour of Beijing

Gather as much information as possible regarding the accessibility of places you want to go to. Contact us if you need any help finding more information or deciding on where is best to go.

  • When booking with us inform your travel advisor of your physical condition and what activities might present a challenge (e.g. negotiating steps), and any mobility aids (wheelchair, crutches, help carrying bags, etc.) that you need.
  • If needed book wheelchair accessible hotel rooms and transport.
  • Don't make your schedule overloaded.

Other preparation tips are listed in Tips for Disabled Travelers to China.

Choice of Attractions

Most attractions in Beijing are equipped with barrier-free facilities to make convenience for disabled travelers. But long-distance hiking trails, mountain climbing, and some adventurous activities are not recommended.

Priority access — no queuing! Disabled travelers are privileged to be able to enter some attractions through a "green path" (a special entrance for disabled travelers only).

The Great Wall at BadalingThe Great Wall at Badaling

The Great Wall at Badaling
: You can ascend a ramp from the East Gate for around 300 meters, taking about 10 minutes to reach the first beacon tower. Also a lift with clear signage can be found near the main entrance, which takes about 5 minutes to reach the first beacon tower. Wheelchairs can be rented for a deposit of 1,000 yuan each. Identification cards/passports are required for verification purposes.The Great Wall at Mutianyu: This section of the Great Wall is recommended for less mobile travelers as it has cableways to get to the top of the wall.

The Great Wall Fortress at Juyongguan: The fort area in the valley bottom is flat enough for wheelchair users to explore (with help), and appreciate the Ming architecture. However the Great Wall up the valley sides may only be appreciated from below as there is no cableway or other wheelchair access.

The Forbidden City:There is a wheelchair accessible route east of the central axis. Even though there is no wheelchair access to the main halls, such as the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Central Harmony, and the Hall of Preserving Harmony, wheelchair users can have a complete view of the external architecture of these halls. Wheelchair rental is provided for 300 yuan/person.

the summer palace

The Summer Palace: All the main entrances are wheelchair accessible, and most of the attractions inside are easily accessible by wheelchair too. However, the Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha, and other sights on the hill, are not. Wheelchairs are not allowed on the boats. The park provides wheelchairs for its visitors, and a deposit of 500 yuan/wheelchair applies.

Tian’anmen Square:The Square is fully accessible by wheelchair. There is also a wheelchair-accessible route to the Forbidden City at the northeast corner.

Jingshan Park: Barrier-free access can be found at all gates except the North Gate. The park is almost fully accessible by wheelchair, however the hill is inaccessible.

The Imperial Academy: Wheelchair access is available at the gates, but wheelchairs are not permitted in the main halls. Wheelchair users can take a look at the interior of the halls if they are able to leave their wheelchairs and ascend a few steps.

The Temple of Heaven:Most of the area around the Temple of Heaven is wheelchair accessible, but the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is the only hall in the park that is accessible by wheelchair. Temple of Heaven Park provides wheelchairs for a deposit of 600 yuan/wheelchair.

Yonghegong Temple

Yonghegong Temple: A wheelchair-accessible passageway is available from the South Gate, however wheelchairs are not permitted in the halls. Wheelchair users can take a look at the interior of the halls if they are able to leave their wheelchairs and ascend a few steps.

The Ming Tombs: Above-ground tourist routes are fully accessible by wheelchair. Wheelchairs are provided for free.

Beihai Park: Wheelchair access can be found at all gates except the North Gate. The park is almost fully accessible by wheelchair, including the route along the circumference of the Beihai Lake, however the hill remains inaccessible.

See our popular Beijing Attractions for information on other attractions. You may have to contact us for specific access information.

Best Time to Visit

Every season has its charm in Beijing. Autumn marks the best time to visit, due to the moderate temperature and dryness. See our Beijing Weather Information for more on seasonal variation, and useful tourism and clothing suggestions.

How We Can Help You in China

It is not appropriate for travelers in wheelchairs to take the subway or city buses. China Highlights suggests you take taxis, or a tour with us, when you will have the help of your driver and tour guide who is aware of what tourist sites are accessible. China Highlights' tours include easily accessible private transport, which will make your tour less stressful.

China Highlights cares about your requirements. We are experienced in customizing tours of Beijing for the less physically able. Contact us for any help you need. We will work hard to make it a quality and problem-free experience!

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