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Articles on Food & Drink Experiences in Beijing

These articles on eating and drinking in Beijing recommend places for specific tastes and experiences, complete with how to get there and all you need to make your choices. Elsewhere we have more information on Beijing local foods, and extensive lists of recommended Beijing restaurants.

Best Places/Restaurants to Eat Noodles in Beijing

The best noodle restaurants in Beijing include Xian’r Lao Mian, Len Len, and Invincible Ramen, with noodles styles from all over China and abroad.

Best Outdoor Dining and Drinking in Beijing

10 of the best venues for outdoor dining and drinking in Beijing

Top Beijing Brunches

Just because there's a lot to see doesn't mean you can't take some time to relax. Try Beijing's best Western-style brunch spots.

Best Beijing Western Restaurants

An introduction to some of Beijing's best Western restaurants.

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Best Spicy Sichuan Food Restaurants in Beijing

Sichuan cuisine, many say, is the best hot/spicy food in China. These top Beijing restaurants are sure to spice up your life.

The Best Cafes in Beijing for Tourists

Eight tourist-friendly cafe's to get your coffee fix, all located in close proximity to some of Beijing's most incredible tourist sites.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Beijing

Romantic restaurants in Beijing with introductions, addresses, prices, etc.

Top 12 Beijing Street Snacks You Should Try

A list of the most popular Beijing street snacks, which have been popular for hundreds of years. You can go to Beijing food street to have a bite of them.

9 Best Restaurants for Kids/Children in Beijing

Recommended 9 best restaurants for families in Beijing, including Da Dong Roasted Duck Shop, Agrilandia, China Lounge, Kings Joy Beijing for family with kids.

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The Best Cold Weather Foods in Beijing

Winter in Beijing can seem cold, but the city is really built for it. Try out these typical Chinese winter foods throughout the capital.

Top 6 Food/Snack Streets in Beijing

Top Beijing snack streets include Jiumen Snacks Street, Wangfujing Snack Street, and more with locations, photos and transportation.

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The Best Places to Buy Tea in Beijing

Four of the best places to buy tea in Beijing are Maliandao Tea Market, Yandai Street, Yashow Market, and Sanyuanli Market.

Minority Food in the Capital

Introduce the best place to taste minority food from Xinjiang, Yunnan, Tibet, and Ningxia in China's capital, Beijing.

Beijing's Oldest Restaurants

Beijing is a city with centuries of history, and certain food and restaurants are no exception, if you can find them. Here's your guide...

A Tour of All the Regional Cookery Schools in Beijing

Try all the eight schools of cookery in China during your trip to Beijing, including Anhui cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Zhejiang cuisine.

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Beijing Vegetarian Restaurants

A list of Beijing vegetarian restaurants, which are categorize according different districts.

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Beijing Muslim Restaurants

A list of Beijing Muslim restaurants categorized according different districts. The information includes Chinese name, recommended dishes, price, address, and transportation.

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Organic Food Grows in Popularity in Beijing

Beijing is the best place for organic food in mainland China. Enjoy high-quality, safe, and fresh produce from organic stores and restaurants.

4 Best Teahouses in Beijing

Beijing's teahouses are more than just atmospheric places to sup quality Chinese tea. These entertainment houses host acts galore.

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The Top 10 Revolving Restaurants in Beijing

Our recommended list of 10 revolving restaurants in Beijing, including CCTV Tower Revolving Restaurant, Starlight Revolving Restaurant, Pinnacle Revolving Restaurant at Kunlun Hotel and more.

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The Top 6 Imperial Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing

Discover the top 6 imperial cuisine restaurants to enjoy a luxury dining experience as generations of Chinese emperors did.

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Best Roast Duck in Beijing

The Best of Beijing's numerous Roasted Duck Restaurants

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant Beijing

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant has a history of 149 years, and Quanjude has formed distinctive cuisines with roast duck and more than 400 specialties.

How to Eat Like a Local in Beijing?

How to Eat Like a Local in Beijing tells you how to find a local restaurants and local food.

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Beijing's Top 10 Snack Shops

Beijing is a hub of nation-wide snacks. A collection of famous authentic snack shops in Beijing can meet your requirements without traveling throughout the country.

Best Food and Restaurants in Beijing Hutongs

A selection of best food and restaurants in Beijing Hutongs with introduction, locations, photos on each restaurant.

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 Weirdest Restaurants in Beijing for Unusual Dining Experience

Introducing the top three weirdest restaurants for unusual and unique dining experience in Beijing, including Trojan Fairy, Haloing the Past, Kiev.

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