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Travel Tips for Student Travelers to Beijing

temple of heaven

Vacations are precious time for students to travel around the world. Beijing is your first choice for vitality, history, and rich culture. Tours at all budgets can be carried out in Beijing. Call up your friends and family and have a great time in Beijing!

Before You Go

Recommended Attractions

798 photo gallery

798 Art Zone

See more Beijing attractions.

Fun Activities

When to Go

the great wall

Autumn is the best time to Beijing. Apart from the comfortable weather, the fall colors in and around the city are exceptionally charming.

In winter skiing, skating, ice festivals, temple fairs, and Chinese New Year are the highlights in Beijing. In winter air tickets and hotels are easier to book, and their discounts are much bigger.

During Your Trip

  • Don't carry too much. If you need to exchange money please use banks. See our page on Chinese currency for information on foreign exchange.
  • Never travel alone.
  • Drink enough water, especially in the summer.

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