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Top 6 Places for Fishing around Beijing

Top 6 Places for Fishing around Beijing

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 15, 2024

Fishing, a moderate sport of entertainment and regimen, would add more fun to your life. Go fishing in your spare time with your lover, families, friends or colleagues; bring your favorite fishing gear, set up a tent, light a grill and do some outdoor cooking; it could be a perfect water-loving party. Here are six recommended good fishing grounds around Beijing.

1. Shachang Reservoir (沙场水库)


Located in the east of Shachang Village, downstream of Hongmenchuan River in Miyun County (密云县红门川河下游沙厂村东), the reservoir is 20 kilometers from Miyun County. The deepest point is 35 meters in depth. It is called Shachang Reservoir, which means 'sandy land' in Chinese, because of the soft silver sands of the shore.

Have a boating trip on the broad, peaceful surface of Shachang Reservoir, surrounded by the beauty of nature; go swimming, go fishing and even poach fish as you want. With the gentle slopes and lush vegetation of low mountains around the lake, the ground is also popular among wild birds. Just enjoy your delicious fish meal!

How to get there: drive to the G101 National Highway from Miyun County (密云县) and, after a distance of 21 kilometers, turn right before "Xiawanzi" (下湾子); go straight for a few minutes until you see it.

2. Jinhai Lake (金海湖) - the highest diversity of fishes

Jinhai Lake, formerly the Haizi Reservoir (海子水库), is the third biggest reservoir in Beijing after Miyun Reservoir (密云) and Guanting Reservoir (官厅). Located in Haizi Village, at the foot of Panshan Mountain, in the south-east of Pinggu District (平谷区东南盘山脚下海子村), it is 15 kilometers from downtown Pinggu and 85 kilometers from Beijing. The whole water area is 6.5 square kilometers. The lake is comparatively well protected, both in environment and fish stocks. 

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the beautiful lake has more than 10 natural landscapes and man-made landscapes.

Jinhai Lake is also the biggest water park in the suburbs of Beijing. Entertainment facilities, such as a boat, bumper boat, speedboat, motorboat, self-drive yacht, water bike, the largest scale water slide, , and a bungee jump are all features at the lake.

How to get there:

  • Drive down Jingshun Road (金顺路) from Sanyuan Bridge (三元桥) to Pinggu County (平谷县城), then drive 18 kilometers eastwards to arrive there.
  • Take Bus 918 to downtown Pinggu, then transfer to Bus 9 to get there.
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3. Shangzhuang Reservoir (上庄水库) - nearest one from downtown Beijing

Located in the north-western suburb of Beijing, Shangzhuang Town, Haidian District, the reservoir is close to the National Chestwood Wetland Park, less than 30 kilometers from Beijing. It is formed by damming up water from the old river way; it's 4 kilometers in length and the width varies. Due to the low water depth upstream and the high depth downstream, the reservoir is a great breeding area for fish, which contributes to a wide variety of fish species. The biggest carp there are more than 5 kilograms, and crucian carps over 500 grams are also very common. That's why the reservoir has the beautiful name of "Fishing Paradise".

How to get there:

  • Yuanmingyuan West Road (圆明园西路) - drive north to Yongfeng Road (永丰路) - Beiqing Road (北清路) - drive west to Shangzhuang Road (上庄路) - drive north until you arrive at the reservoir.
  • Take Bus 303 at the North Palace Gate of the Summer Palace (颐和园北宫门) and then Bus 212 at Xiyuan (West Garden, 西苑).

4. Zhuanshanzi Reservoir (转山子水库) - a perfect resort


It is located in the north of Zhuanshanzi Village, Bulaotun Town, on the northern shore of Miyun Reservoir in Miyun County (密云县密云水库北岸的不老屯镇转山子村北). Without the chaos and noise from downtown, it is a silent and peaceful place for fishing. Green mountains, clear water and lively fishes form a harmonious picture of nature.

Fishing tackle can be either self-prepared or rented at the Sunshine Holiday Village. The sandy shore is perfect for a barbecue as the shore is wide with only a few people and it is surrounded by a stone fence; an open fire is secure. Services provided there, such as fish processing and meat baking, are free for guests. Barbecue grills are also offered at the Sunshine Holiday Village.

How to get there: go to Bulaotun, on the north of Miyun Reservoir (密云水库库北不老屯). It's 120 kilometers from downtown Beijing.

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5. Houhe River (后河) - a classic field-play land

As a branch river of the Gucheng River, originating from the north-western Haituo Mountain (30 kilometers from Beijing), Houhe River is located on the north side of the Great Wall at Badaling, 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing. The geological structure of Houhe Valley is old limestone and dolomite. The natural landscape there has been well protected, so you can see many peristele, pinnacle rocks and karst caves on the both sides of the valley, which is similar to Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province and the Three Gorges in Yangtze River.

The air is fresh, the atmosphere is peaceful, the sunshine is genial, the fishes are lively; the only thing you need to do is wait for a bite. All of these would make a wonderful day to go fishing in Houhe River, especially in autumn. 

How to get there: take the Badaling Expressway (八达岭高速) - Yanqing Exit (延庆出口) - Longju Villa (9 kilometers, 龙聚山庄) - drive over the northern mountain - Houhe River (about an hour and a half).

6. Rome Lake (罗马湖) - a fashionable gathering place

Located to the west of Houshayu Metro Station, the lake belongs to Houshayu Town, Shunyi (顺义后沙峪镇). Covering a natural water area of more than 300 mu, the scenery there is very attractive. In recent years, with more and more high-level villas being built around Rome Lake, along with the development of the catering and entertainment industries, this district has become the first choice for urban white-collar workers to go on holiday.

If you visit Rome Lake in autumn, apart from fishing and enjoying a barbecue, you can also taste the last of the nectarines and apples in the orchard beside the lake.

Address: 8 Luodong Road, Luogezhuang Village, Houshayu Town, Shunyi (北京顺义后沙峪镇罗各庄村罗东路8号)

How to get there: take the Beijing-Chengde Highway (京承高速) - Houshayu Exit (后沙峪出口) - drive east to Rome Circle (罗马环速) and turn left - continue for 200 meters until you see the lake - turn left.

Gubei water townGubei Water Town
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