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Beijing Tour Planning and Travel Tips

Here you will find our tips and advice on Beijing trip, including how to plan a trip to Beijing, and how to visit the Forbidden CityEnjoy Beijing!

How to Plan a Trip to Beijing

How to plan a Beijing Tour: top places to see, best travel time, visa, best dining places, recommended hotels, and sample itineraries.

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Beijing 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Find out if you qualify for visa-free transit, how to apply for Beijing 144-hour travel without a visa, as well as travel tips and suggested itineraries.

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10 Things You MUST Know about Beijing Layovers

For a long layover in Beijing, find out what to do for 8 hours or more — visa issues, going to the Great Wall or Beijing city, or sleeping in the airport.

8 Reasons You Should Visit Beijing in 2020

Beijing, China's capital city, is a vibrant mix of history and modernity. Having served as the capital of the country for more than 800 years, it is home to some of the finest remnants of China's imperial past.

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How to Plan a Family Trip to Beijing

How to Plan a Family Trip to Beijing gives suggestions about planning a family tour in Beijing, including recommended attractions, tours, and tips.

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Visit the Great Wall with Kids — Fun and Educational

Tips on visiting the Great Wall with children.

10 Most Hidden Scams in Beijing

List of the Top Ten Scams in Beijing, including foreign menu, black taxi, discount tours, the tea house scam, the overpriced hotel and more.

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Beijing vs Shanghai – Which City Should I Visit?

Beijing vs Shanghai,which to go:Beijing has more history & travel sights than Shanghai, Shanghai is better in food, nightlife & shopping than Beijing. Beijing vs Shanghai both good with visas & transportation. Best conclusion of Beijing vs Shanghai

The 11 Best Beijing Neighborhoods to Stay in 2019

The best areas to stay in Beijing: Wangfujing area best to stay for sightseeing, hutong area best to stay for family, kids, best areas to stay for Great Wall, best areas for budget. Best guide for all travelers providing hotel ideas, subway info

How to Plan a Beijing Layover Day Tour

Here is a 1-day tour plan + other ideas for an ideal layover day tour to make the most of your stay in Beijing airport.

How to Spend Your Layover in Beijing

This article will help you plan a (visa-free) stopover in Beijing. Get inspirational ideas for a 10-hour, 15-hour, 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour layover.

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The Top 5 China Tours from Beijing

Best 5 China tours from Beijing: Beijing is an ideal starting point from which to visit all destinations in China.

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The Top 7 Beijing Side Trips (2019)

Find pro Beijing side trip suggestions and popular Beijing side tour options: we list 7 ideas with highlights and transport described and durations.

13 Things Not to Do in Beijing

Beijing has plenty of things that will put a damper on your trip. Read this to make the most of your time in Beijing.

The Top 5 Things You Can Only Do in Beijing

No matter what corner of the globe one searches these exclusive Beijing sites and locales are ONLY in the Chinese capital.

Beijing's Best Family Hotels

Here are five of the best family-friendly hotels in Beijing for luxury, value, and economy. Finally, something the whole family can agree on.

How to Get to Beijing City from Beijing Airport

Learn how to get to Beijing city, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City from Beijing Airport by subway, shuttle bus, taxi, or transfer service with associated costs, time, and map instruction.

How to Travel from Daxing International Airport to Beijing City

Learn how to get to Beijing city center from Beijing Daxing International Airport by taxi, by subway and by private transfer with associated costs, time and instructions.

How to Get to the Great Wall from Beijing

Getting to the Great Wall from Beijing city/airport by taxi, S2 train, tourist bus, private transfer, and on a layover tour with map instructions and cost, time needed to each way.

15 Top Day Trips from Beijing

Discover more with our top 15 Beijing day trips, including day trips from Beijing to the Great Wall, from Beijing to the Terracotta Army, from Beijing to Shanghai...

Beijing's Best Business Hotels

Business people, you're spoiled for choice in Beijing! We've recommended the best hotels for you in the CBD, Financial Street, and Diplomatic District.

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A One-Day Tour of Central Beijing

If you've only got one day in Beijing (and you haven't seen the top sights before), this is the tour for you. Ideal for visa-free Beijing transit.

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My Travels around Beijing - Tips and Sugguestions

Based on the author’s personal experiences and several classic travel tips, here are some guidelines to help you have a good time in Beijing.

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Explore Da Shi Lan Commercial Street

Da Shi Lan Ancient Shopping Street has hutong architecture, souvenir purchasing, and local cuisine, all in the midst of Beijing's top sights.

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Business Travel Guide to Beijing

Passing through Beijing on a business trip? Prior commitments do not mean that you can't enjoy yourself, too. Check out our suggestions.

How to See Beijing's Top Attractions by Subway

These four itineraries for touring Beijing by subway take in the top attractions in an efficient and cost effective way.

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Beijing for Active Travelers

Looking to stay active on your trip to Beijing? We recommend biking, hiking, tai chi, and hotel fitness facilities.

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Travel Tips for Student Travelers to Beijing

Are you a student or young traveler looking to get the most out of a trip to Beijing? If yes, then click to read on...

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Travel Tips for Senior Travelers to Beijing

Senior travelers, here are tips and suggestions for planning a Beijing tour to suit you. We have many years of experience serving senior clients.

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Beijing Disabled Access: Travel Tips

These tips and insights will help you navigate and get the best out of a trip to Beijing if you have mobility issues.

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Enjoying Beijing on a Tight Budget

Beijing on a Tight Budget is our guide to how to travel Beijing cheaply, with tips and ideas for how to spend less in Beijing, and still enjoy your time there.

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Beijing Winter Travel — Things to Do, Weather, Benefits

Visit Beijing in winter for less expense, snowy/colder sightseeing, skiing, temple fairs, Chinese New Year, and the usual top attractions, but come prepared.

The 5 Best Free Apps for Tourists in Beijing

A rundown of five of the best apps for tourists in Beijing, with useful info on attractions, maps, nightlife, the subway, and walks.

What to Do on a Poor Air Quality Day in Beijing

Fortunately, even when the air pollution is bad in Beijing, there's plenty to see and do.