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Ride, Glide & Fly Through Beijing

Beijing Hutong

When traveling to Beijing some tourists may find themselves in taxis, in traffic, and in the middle of the tourist crowd. Unbeknownst to many the nation’s capital not only provides endless paths to take, it also offers endless ways to take them… don’t just travel through Beijing — travel extraordinarily through Beijing.

Horse and Carriage Through Changping

When traveling through one of Beijing’s forgotten and classic Changping suburbs, visitors can seek one of its classic forms of travel...

The horse and carriage tours of the Changping old courtyard homes and parks evade the chaos and pollution of motor vehicles.

Passing under the shaded hills and budding flora with the tranquil trot of a single horse and carriage can add a sense of romance to one’s oriental visit.

Chinese Trolley Through Houhai

The Chinese trolley has eased the soles of many a flatfooted traveler. The vast lake at the heart of Houhai can be a journey to traverse. On one side the vibrant lights of Houhai’s nightlife undulate on the lake’s body while the canoes sail peacefully over the moonlit reflection on the other. Enjoy the ease and satisfaction of seeing it all while saving your feet from having to walk it all.

Sky Trolley Over Fragrant Hill

Fragrant Hill offers foliages and fragrances once reserved for only the highest of the capital’s aristocracy; now the advent of ultra-modern and ultra-quiet sky trolley allows visitors to rise to heights far beyond the former elite. Ascend above the clatter and chatter of the crowds below to glide over the majestic views and perspective from above.

Motorbike and Sidecar Tour

Motorbike and sidecar tours are perfect for those who like the wind in their hair and under their helmet. The sleek 1930s style bike and sidecar fit perfectly down Hutong alleys, conveniently stops and goes at one’s pleasing and can be the speediest connection between the countless locales around the city.

Great Wall by Helicopter

To view the scope and majesty of the Great Wall in its entirety it must be viewed from space. Bring those standards down to Earth a little bit and one could observe miles of this world wonder by helicopter. The bird’s-eye-view of the Great Wall gives visitors a perspective like no other as they watch the wall’s gray hue belly dance in-between the mountain peaks and slither through the greenery, unquestionably an experience not to be forgotten.

Hutongs by Rickshaw

The Chinese Rickshaws hold a revered place in Beijing traditional culture. Traversing the ancient pathways of the hutongs on the same twin wheeled convenience used in foregone dynasties adds culture to any cultural visit. Experienced navigators reveal hidden morsels amid the labyrinths of hutongs and restaurants. They present visitors with not just a view of traditional Beijing but also, quite literally, transporting them back in time.

Private Beijing Tours

China Highlights private Beijing tours use comfortable chauffeured vehicles with your own English-speaking guide to make your travel time as pleasant and rewarding as possible. All the above extraordinary travel options are available with us. The first three can be included when tailor-making (an existing) Beijing tour.