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Beijing Railway Museum

Note: The museum has been closed for two years and the re-opening time is unknown currently.

Situated in the proximity of the southeast corner of the Tian'anmen Square and based on relics of the former Zheng yang men East railway station, the museum is the first of its kind in Beijing. Built in 1906, the railway station was the then-biggest railway station and transportation hub. The museum teems with various railway artifacts and pictures such as the first steam engine and railway tracks made by China on its own, new D-train models, the miniature of the newly-built Beijing South Railway Station, the Hongqiao Railway Station, the new Cheng Du railway station, the new Xi an Railway Station, the new Wuhan Railway Station, the new Guangzhou Railway station. Another novel feature of the museum is the collection of the train tickets from different phases of the railway evolution . Some Taiwan train tickest are also on display. Here you can see the train tickest used during the Late Qing Dynasty, the tickets during the Kuomintang Reign Period, tickets that came in diversified shapes and designs since the foudation of the Republic of China. Also on display is a old style brick-and-mortar tickets printer that can produce the old style hard-board ticket. Resembling a piece of dried toufu and made of hard paper , this kind of ticket with date, value, serial number and station names on had been in use for more than 70 years. This printer still got it and you can print an old style ticket using it if you have raring hands.


Features: Extensive and exhaustive pictures and antiques to delineate the evolution and accomplishments of China railway over the last 130 years.


Old style train

Old style tracks

Train Models

Station Models

Train tickets

ADD : Southeast of the Qian men tower that is in the front of Tian an men square.

Open hours : 9:00—16:30