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China National Film Museum


This large building opened in 2007. It was designed to both help in the development of the Chinese film and telecommunication industry as well as be an attraction for tourists to learn about Chinese films. The 20 exhibition rooms allow for conferences and meetings. The large IMAX theater has a big dome screen that is 27 meters broad and 27 meters wide. It has 403 seats. There excitingly huge films are shown. The four other theaters are smaller. China’s best cinematic experts were chosen to help put together the exhibits and the museum’s themes, so if you want to learn about the Chinese film industry or Chinese films, this is the place to go in Beijing.


The China National Film Museum is currently the largest professional film museum in the world. The museum instructs about China’s film making history and its film industry. The museum explores the latest cinematic technology, promotes films, and hosts academic exchange seminars and research activities. In the musuem, there are 4,300 photographs and documents or video from 450 film industry pioneers. It was built in 2007 in part as a memorial to the 100 year history of film making in China, and the facilities are extensive.

The museum was designed by the American RTKL Company that is often ranked as the best architectural design firm in the world in 2011 and by the Beijing Architectural Design Institute. To give the building a feeling of elegance and calm, the main colors used are black, white and grey. The 9.4 acres of space contain exhibits instructing on the invention of movies, early Chinese films, Chinese revolutionary war films, modern films, artistic movies, children’s films, science and education films and the Hong Kong and Macao film industries. 


The China National Film Museum is a new museum that opened in 2007. The big 38,000 square meter or 9.3 acre building has 20 exhibition halls including 5 theaters. There is a modern IMAX theater. It is called the biggest national film museum in the world, and people there instruct on the history of the China film industry as well as research into cinematic techniques.


Address: 9 Nanying Road, Chaoyang District. 北京市朝阳区南影路9号. You can show the address to a taxi driver. The museum is about 18 kilometers or 10 miles northeast of Beijing’s city center. What makes transportation easy is that it is near the intersection of the Airport Expressway and the 5th Ring Road.

Bus: Take Bus No. 402路, 418路, 688路, or 973路.

Important Information

Open: 9 am to 4:30, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday. Tickets not issued after 3:30, and admission ends at 4 pm.

Tickets: Free, appointments may be necessary.