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Landiao Lavender Garden

Find lavender at a place near you in Beijing.

Lavender flowers not only have a special purple beauty, but they have special herbal and therapeutic properties. Landiao Lavender Garden (蓝调庄园) is right in the middle of Chaoyang District, close to Beijing's main attractions, and where a lot of expats like to live. It is a lavender garden and farm where you can enjoy the garden and buy lavender products.

For Romance

Its an aphrodisiac.

Women especially like the fragrance and color of lavenders. Young couples stroll in the garden to enjoy the scent of the beautiful garden together.

The garden and farm is at its height in the summer, so it is popular then. Summer is when the Qixi Festival falls. The festival is a young couple's romantic day. In 2013 the festival falls on August 13, and in 2014 it falls on August 2.

"Blues Dreamland" is one of the most romantic gardens in Beijing. The gardeners have planted about 43 acres of fragrant lavender in the garden to attract lovers for wedding photos and tours.

For Health

Lavender has been used for health and healing.

It's soothing, relaxing properties have earned it the name "Mothering Oil". Just a drop of the aromatic lavender oil in a pot of green or regular tea lends a floral effluence that is also good for you.

  • Calmer: It can calm your mind and soothe you. It gets you out of the blues.
  • Healthier: It is thought to have some antiviral and antibacterial properties, and it activates the immune system. So it might keep you healthier during a sweltering Beijing summer and in the fall.
  • Topical medicinal: Good for first aid since a few drops on burns can relieve pain and promote your healing. On the skin it also acts as an insect repellent.
  • Repel insect invaders: Use sachets of dried lavender buds in wardrobes and drawers where you store our clothes.
  • Fresher, cleaner laundry: Try a few drops of the oil in your wash.

Nearby Attractions 

The Jinzhan Tulip Garden is close by, about 5 miles northeast. There they plant about 50 acres of tulips. Its garden is at its height in the spring, but you can see the tulips in summer and fall too.

Chaoyang Park is nearby in the Chaoyang District.

Travel Essentials

  • Season: Summer is the best season for people to visit the lavender garden.
  • Address: The garden area is also called Beijing Blues Dreamland. Louzi Village, Jinzhan County, Chaoyang District of Beijing. 北京市朝阳区金盏乡楼梓庄东高路. It is near Donggao Road.
  • Transport: Subway Line 8 is only about 5 miles south. Get off at Shuangqiao Station and take a taxi.
  • Tickets: 40 RMB (6.4 USD) per person.
  • Special products: lavender soap, dried flowers. The garden and farm also grows other flowers and fruit.

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