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Lianhuashan ski Resort


Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort is a large and inexpensive ski park that is located in the Shunyi district near the center of Beijing. It is one of the biggest in the Beijing area, and it was opened in 2003. Transportation to the resort is convenient since it is close to Beijing and is about 30 kilometers from the airport. To accommodate crowds, a large parking lot was built. There are a snowmobile route, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and Russian-villa style guestrooms. There are a variety of facilities so that park can be enjoyed around the year.

Getting There

Lianhuashan Ski Resort

To get there from central Beijing, take bus 918 from the Dongzhimen station and get off at Zhangliangshan station in the Shunyi District. And then walk 600 meters to the ski park.

Nearby Attractions

Ski resorts close to Beijing include: Badaling, Wanlong, Yuyang, and Jundushan. Wanlong that is about 250 kilometers away from Beijing offers skiing all season long, since it sits on a high elevation mountain. There are slopes for advanced skiers such as a Nastar-like course and a mogul field.

Hebei Province has the longest, the best preserved and the best built sections of the Great Wall. Places to see well preserved sections include the Jiaoshan Great Wall, Shanhaiguan Pass, Xifengkou Gateway, and Zijingguan Pass.


  • The peak crowds on the slopes come during the two week Spring Festival national holidays that start on the lunar new year; that is, during the two weeks after February 13, 2010. The area will be unusually busy on these days, and transportation is more difficult and more expensive.
  • The varied weather around Beijing may not allow skiing all season long. The resort has snow making equipment.

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