The Pacific Underwater World at CCTV Tower

The Pacific Underwater World at CCTV Tower

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

The Pacific Underwater World (太平洋海底世界) is an aquarium and amusement and educational center that is part of the CCTV Tower complex in Beijing. It is a big center that aims to not only entertain with views of marine life and animals, but to educate people about the marine world and wildlife. It can be visited as part of a comprehensive tour including a buffet with seafood at the restaurant on the tall tower.


The CCTV Tower needle is one of the highlights of the Beijing skyline. It’s antenna makes it the tallest structure in Beijing at 405 meters (1,329 feet) tall, and it stands out over Yuyuantan Park in west-central Beijing. The large aquarium is at the base of the tower just to the south of it.

The aquarium has an clear plastic underwater observation tube that is 80 meters long so you can see the fish from below as you stand on the escalator and view the sights. It is like the observation tube at the larger Beijing Aquarium about four kilometers northeast that is next to the Beijing Zoo. Like that facility, this aquarium has various halls and attractions. It even has a cinema for marine educational videos.

Various Attractions

You’ll be able to see a variety of species of fish ranging from big sharks to jellyfish. There are several aquariums and facilities. There are performing seals for entertainment and opportunities to take pictures of the animals. You can get clear pictures of the intricate structure of jellyfish for example.

See the City and Have a Meal

The CCTV Tower has an observation deck at 238 meters (781 ft). You can see the city and go to the restaurant there. The restaurant below it at 221 meters rotates about one revolution every 80 or 90 minutes. So during a leisurely meal, you can see every direction. See the details about buffet tickets below.

Nearby Attractions

Yuyuantan Park is a large park that is just to the east. It measures about 4.5 kilometers wide and features a lake and a water park.

The biggest aquarium in Beijing is called the Beijing Aquarium. It is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) northeast. It has a main tank and a 120 meter underwater tunnel. It is next to the Beijing Zoo, and it is in the middle of a group of other nearby attractions including the Beijing Planetarium, the Purple Bamboo Park, and the Beijing Exhibition Center.

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