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Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology

This excellent museum of art and archaeology is situated in the beautiful West Campus of Peking University. It is the first of its kind established in China’s institutions of higher learning. If you have any interest in Chinese history and ceramics, and would like to enjoy a calm and intellectual atmosphere, then this is a must-see destination.

The museum was co-founded by Peking University, boasting one of China’s best collegiate archaeological departments, and Mr. Arthur M. Sackler, a medical doctor, famous collector and philanthropist. Mr. Sackler has great passion for Chinese culture and has made great contribution to the cause of protecting Chinese cultural relics.

The museum houses over 10,000 objects and spans a period of 280,000 years, from Paleolithic remains to present-era treasure. The collection has been acquired during the past 70 years from diverse sources.

  • Collections: The museum houses a great collection of archaeological finds in China and also from other countries. Art on display include bronzes, jades, pottery, and other artifacts dating back to each of China's dynasties and presented in chronological order.
  • Opening hours: daily 09:00 – 16:30 (closed during Chinese Spring Festival Holiday)
  • Address: West Gate of Peking University, Haidian District (北京大学西门)
  • Nearby sight: Summer Palace