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Shidu Juma Happy Garden

Shidu Juma Happy Garden (十渡拒马乐园) is a resort and amusement park area where you can have fun bungee jumping or rafting. It is a developed scenic resort area that spreads out into and mingles with about 20 square kilometers of village and park area from the 5th to the 10th river crossings.

Shidu Scenic Area is about two hours by private vehicle from Beijing. It is a big area composed of different parks and resorts, and Shidu Juma Happy Garden is just a small part of the total natural park area of Shidu Scenic Area.

The river winds around like a snake through limestone karst formations like Guilin's Li River. But it is a much smaller and shallower river, and the karst cliff scenery isn't as grand. Still, for those tourists and expats who can't take a long trip south, it is like a miniature Guilin with accommodation and rides.

Things to Do

  • bungee jumping, 55 meters, 200 RMB
  • climbing, 35 RMB
  • hill climbing and hiking
  • rafting on the river, 80 RMB
  • small theater presentations, 30 RMB

In the valley you can see villages and farm animals, complimenting the natural scenery. You can drive along the main road next to the river to various spots and see the scenery.

Accommodation and Food

  • hotel accommodation
  • BBQ and peasant village style meals
  • Agricultural produce and products are sold in stands along the road.

How Shidu Got Its Name

The Shidu ('Ten Crossings') area is called that because there were 10 places to ford the river when ancient people settled in the valley. The main road in the river valley now goes over bridges at these places.

Notable Features 

There are several natural parks on both sides of the river. These include Xianfengu Natural Scenic Spot, Huaguoshan Scenic Area, Tianlushan Scenic Area, Tianshishan Scenic Area, and Xihugang Qitan Canyon Scenic Area.

Big parkland: The area is notable because all the parks together make this the biggest natural area near Beijing.

Geology: This area of eroded limestone formations called karst is the biggest such region in the northeastern part of China.

Travel Essentials

  • Location: The resort is near Zhangfang Town (张坊镇) in Fangshan District (房山区). It is only about 80 kilometers or 50 miles from Beijing in a straight line.
  • Transportation: By tour bus or van or private car, the journey takes about two hours from central Beijing.
  • Bus: Bus 917 or 836.
  • Train: Going there by train from Beijing probably isn't convenient since it is so close to Beijing and going by train is slow and inconvenient. But maybe it is a good slow way to get a view of the country and experience what rail travel is like.
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm for the rides.
  • Best time to visit: June to October.
  • Travel service:  Let us help you tour the area and arrange for tickets, transport, and accommodation. It is cheaper if you buy a set of tickets or book a room, instead of paying for tickets and a room individually. Tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll see what we can arrange to fit your plan and budget.

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