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The Geological Museum of China

Chinese Geology Museum is the biggest scientific museum in Beijing. It can be dated back to a showcasing room established in 1916.

It has five fixed showrooms of mineral resource, history of the earth, layer ancient life, mineral rock and gemstone. The Mineral Resource Showroom displays minerals of agriculture, chemical industry, steel metal and ferrous metal and so on. What is shown in the second showroom is the 4.6 billion-year-long history of the earth from a wild and still star to a modern world of vitality.

The Layer Ancient Life Showroom shows fossils in different layers, revealing the evolution of creatures from the Proterozoic Era to the Quaternary period. The Mineral Rock Showroom helps people to know mineral rock better. The Gemstone Showroom has four units to display, namely, gemstone, jade, color stone along with ink stone.

Items on Display

It possesses geology specimen amounting for 200,000. Giant Shandong Dragon: the highest and best-protected dinosaur specimen in the world; Bird Specimens, including Chinese Dragon-Bird, famed for the numbers of collections and precious ones; Ancient Human Specimen discovered earliest so far in China: the teeth specimen of Yuanmou People in Yunnan; Nation Grade Treasure involving stoneware, stone bead, bone needle, bone ornament and big fluorite unearthed in the relics of Shanding Cave People

  • Opening Time:9:00-16:30 (closed on Monday)
  • Address: Yangrou Lane NO.15, Xisi District, Beijing