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Best of Beijing — Places to Go, Things to Do

These articles introduce you to the top places to go in Beijing, and many fun activities you might not have even thought of. Get the best from your Beijing trip.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Beijing

What to see in Beijing? Here is the top things to do, including the most popular attractions, places to taste roast duck, and souvenir markets to go.

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The Most Special Things to Do with Kids in Beijing

Want to visit Beijing with kids? Check here to see our best recommended attractions and things to do for children in Beijing.

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Top Free Things to Do in Beijing

Can you imagine having a FREE day in Beijing? Don't worry that you must spend large amounts of money there. Loads of attractions in Beijing are free.

The 4 Best Places to Buy Tea in Beijing

Four of the best places to buy tea in Beijing are Maliandao Tea Market, Yandai Street, Yashow Market, and Sanyuanli Market.

Beijing's Top 10 Museums

Most people would list the 798 and the capital museum as the best museums. But few people know the other good museums.

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Beijing's Offbeat Attractions — Sometimes Lesser Known is Better

It is a list of a few of Beijing's offbeat (unusual and less-crowded) attractions worth seeing, including Atypical Art Areas and China Honey Bee Museum.

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10 Top Churches to Attend in Beijing

Beijing's various denominations welcome foreign tourists to some of the biggest church gatherings in mainland China.

The Best Temples in Beijing

The Best Temples in Beijing include the Temple of Heaven, The Temple of the Sun, and Lama Temple.

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The Coolest Places In Beijing

Of the cities in the orient, Tokyo is known for its tech, Seoul for its fashion, and Beijing for its history, culture, tradition, and… cool?

Most Romantic Places and Activities in Beijing

Beijing has the romance related sights, ideal for a honeymoon or anniversary, and also a fine selection of luxurious hotels.

Visiting Beijing Parks on a Budget

China Highlights has listed the best 10 parks requiring a low entry fee, so that you can make a selection based on your itinerary.

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The 6 Most Beautiful Ancient Villages around Beijing

Go to the six most beautiful ancient villages around Beijing to enjoy both the natural landscape and the folk culture of these areas.

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Top 9 Parks to Go Boating in Beijing

Here are eight great choices for boating in Beijing with travel details and enticing summaries.

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The Top 10 Hiking Mountains Near Beijing

Exercise, great views, fresh air, the Great Wall, and more... Here are 10 mountains around Beijing we recommend you hike.

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Beijing's Weirdest Museums

An introduction to 10 of Beijing's weirdest and most unusual museums.

Beijing's Best Art Galleries

Beijing's best art galleries are world class. Read on for what's being exhibited where.

Best Beijing Massages and Spas

Getting a massage or spa after a day tour is a good way for relaxing. This page shows you recommended places for massage and spa in Beijing.

Beijing Outdoors, Beijing Adventures

This article introduces some special things to do in Beijing's great outdoors, including climbing the Great Wall, going boating, and mountain hiking.

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Indulge Your 5 Senses in Beijing

The sight, sound and so much more. Beijing takes yours senses for the ride of their lives.

Ride, Glide & Fly Through Beijing

Beijing has many travel options: horse and carriage, Chinese trolley, motorbike and sidecar, helicopter over the Great Wall, rickshaw through the hutongs.

Beijing’s Top Three Theaters

Whether it's acrobatics, dance, or Peking Opera you want to see, Beijing's top theaters will give you an evening to remember.

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Top Places for Fishing around Beijing

If you love fishing, why not see what you can fish from Beijing's waters? We introduce six of the top spots with how to get there info.

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Camping Around Beijing - the Best 10 Camp sites

The top ten camping spots around Beijing give you a chance to escape the city and see some of Beijing’s best countryside.

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Sand Sledging Around Beijing

Did you know there’s enough sand around Beijing for sand sledging? Enjoy this fun activity and desert scenery at three locations.

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6 Best Place to Go Bungee Jumping in Beijing

If you enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping, or want to give it a go, there are some great leaps, along with great scenery or rides.

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Beijing's Top 17 Bars for Every Budget

The pick of Beijing's popular low, mid, and high -price bars, including Cellar Door, The Local, and more recommendations for expats and travelers.

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Top Things to Do to Seek Old Beijing

Some best things to do to experience the old Beijing, including eating in some old-brand restaurants, shopping in some old department store

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Top Water Parks in Beijing

An introduction to six of Beijing's best water parks, including the Water Cube, man-made beaches, and other cheaper fun alternatives.

Beijing's Best English Language Bookstores

Beijing's English bookstores may be rare, but there are definitely some good options out there. Here are four of Beijing's best.

11 Recommended Courtyards in Beijing — Top Siheyuans

Several of the best Beijing siheyuan courtyards (traditional hutong residences with houses on four sides) once housed celebrities.

The Top 10 Festivals Celebrated in Beijing

Beijing is the cultural center of China, so there are a wide variety of festivals in different categories held in Beijing every year. Discover the best here.

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Beijing's 6 Best Live Music Venues

Beijing's Best Live Music Venues

DIY Traditional Chinese Handiworks during Hutong

Taking a rickshaw ride through Beijing’s hutongs is no big deal now. Would you like to learn to make your own price of traditional Chinese handicraft in this historical area?

The 4 Best Teahouses in Beijing

Beijing's teahouses are more than just atmospheric places to sup quality Chinese tea. These entertainment houses host acts galore.

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6 Top Places in Beijing's Suburbs for Golden Ginkgoes

The yellow ginkgo leaves shroud these ancient temples from late October to middle November — a gorgeous sight for photographers and travelers.

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8 Must-visit Fall Foliage Places in Beijing

Eight great vistas present to you Beijing's autumnal hues — a feast for the eyes not-to-be-missed.

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12 Best Places to See Snow in Beijing

Snowfalls sometimes hit Beijing, creating fascinating snowy landscapes. Here are the top places for you to enjoy them.

Best Places to Go to See Flowers in Beijing

The capital of China has a lot of professionally tended gardens where you can see a variety of kinds of gardens, flowers, and flowering trees.

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Beijing's Top 10 Ski Resorts

Did you know there are TEN+ ski resorts to choose from around Beijing?! Most have world class facilities — a great way to enjoy a winter Beijing visit.

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Summer Photography Hot Spots in Beijing

Travel guide to where to take the best photos on a summer's day in Beijing, including Lama Temple, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Jiankou and more places.

The Best Lavender Gardens in Beijing

Do you like lavender? The company of its relaxing scent and color enhances a Beijing summer outing. Here are four of the best lavender gardens.

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Best Places for White Water Rafting around Beijing

Looking for something COOL to do in Beijing’s sultry summer? White water rafting is a fun and scenic way to get some fresh air and excitement.

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The Top 5 Hot Spring Resorts Near Beijing

Beijing has many hot spring resorts from where you can enjoy natural hot baths and massages with therapeutic benefits