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Changchun Shopping

Changchun Shopping

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Dec. 22, 2022

Located in Northeast China, Changchun is the distributing center for special local products and crafts in Jilin Province. In Changchun, tourists can buy all kinds of special local products in Northeast China, including the three treasures in Northeast: ginseng, cartialgenous and marten.


Many tourists having been Changchun would buy some ginseng and cartialgenous. There are two kinds ginseng: wild ginseng and cultivated ginseng. Wild ginseng is expensive because it is extremely rare. Cartialgenous is commonly sold in slices packaged in small boxes, and the price is about 5 yuan a box. The price for a fresh cartialgenous is much higher, costing hundreds of yuan.

Places to Buy

There are many shops selling ginseng and cartialgenous in Changbai Road (长白路), Changjiang Road (长江路) and Huazheng Marketplace (华正商场) near railway station. Chuanwang Fu (川王府) in Tongzhi Street is another place to buy ginseng and cartialgenous.

Generally speaking, marten coats are sold in shopping malls in Changchun, and there no obvious price advantage comparing to other cities in China. Haowangjiao Fur Exclusive Shop (好望角皮草专卖) is a shopping place for marten. Buyers can take Bus 61, 62 or 361 and get off at Chongqing Road (重庆路).

Major Shopping Areas

Chongqing Lu Commercial Street

There are a great number of shops. It can be the commercial center of Changchun City, even Jilin Province. The 1,222-meter long pedestrian street provides all services for eating, shopping, entertainment and accommodation, and the target groups are people needing middle and high grade services, many high grade products with international brands can be found there, including LV, AMANI and BURBERRY. Products there conclude clothing, shoes, hats, cosmetics, jewelries, household appliances, computers, electronic products, books and almost everything for things for daily life use. Banks, hospital, hotels, restaurants and cultural palace are all available there.

  • Chinese name: 重庆路商业街 Chongqing Lu Shangye Jie /chong-qing loo shung-yeh jyeh/
  • Address: Chongqing Road (重庆路)
  • Bus Routes: 62 and 362

Guilin Lu Pedestrian Street

It is another prosperous shopping area including the services of shopping, entertainment and cafés, bars and snack bars. The main target groups there are young people about 25 years old. Around the street, there are several schools, universities and office buildings, that's why the street becomes prosperous.

  • Chinese name: 桂林路商业街 Guilin Lu Shangye Jie /gway-lin loo shung-yeh jyeh/
  • Address: Guilin Road (桂林路)
  • Bus Routes: 25, 62, 277, 281 and 362

Hongqi Street Shopping Area

There are shopping places like Pinault Printemps Redoute, Suning Appliance (苏宁电器, selling various household appliances), Bainaohui Technology Mansion (百脑汇科技大厦, selling computers and various electronic products) and Hongqi Street Underground Department Store (红旗街地下商场, selling a great number of clothing, shoes and hats).

  • Chinese name: 红旗街商业区 Hongqi Jie Shangye Qu /hong-chi jyeh shung-yeh chyoo/
  • Address: Yatai Da Street (亚泰大街)
  • Bus Routes: 5, 80, 236 and 256
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