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Chengde Travel Guide

The little town Chengde gained its prominence during the Qing Dynasty when the emperors built a palace where they spend their summer months when the heat in Beijing became unbearable.

chengde summer palaceChengde Summer Palace

Chengde Summer Resort, together with the temples around, was added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) in 1994. So far, many scenic attractions in Chengde have already been rated as 4-A class, highest level in this field in China.

Chengde has advantaged and abundant tourist resources. It has the world's largest royal hunting- the Mulan Paddock; the largest royal garden-the Summer Resort; the greatest royal temple group -the Eight Temples in the north of the Great Wall; the biggest wooden Buddha statue -the Kwan-yin Bodhisattva with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes, and the shortest river- the Hot River.

Chengde Summer Resort occupies a large area, incorporating countless buildings into natural setting of plains, mountains, lakes and islands to create an impressive scene which was praised by the emperor Kangxi, who reckoned its natural scenery more beautiful than the West Lake in Hangzhou Zhejiang province.

eight outer temples

The Eight Temples in the north of the Great Wall around the Summer Resort is resplendent and magnificent. It fuses the architecture styles of the various nationalities in China such as Man nationality, Han nationality and Mongolian nationality to create buildings of multi-features.

The Mulan Paddock, familiar to many people, has been rated as a National Forest Park owning to its magic charm of a great grassland whose beauty was once described in a Chinese poem, like a peaceful and harmonious picture with a vast sky above, boundless grassland below and wind blowing the low grass then flocks and herds coming into view.

In the north of Chengde is Wulingshan Mountain Natural Reserve; in the west lies the No.1 Grassland for the purpose of spending one's holiday and in the east are Yuquanxing Palace and Liaohe River Holiday Zone.

Chengde Weather

chengde summer palace

Chengde has a continental monsoon climate, half wet and half dry. The region is situated in the hinterland of Yanshan Mountain in the transitional belt of Inner-mongolian Plateau and North China Plain as well as the transitional belt of the warm temperate belt and the cold temperate belt.

The whole region is made up of two kinds of terrains: plateau above the dam and mountainous region below the dam. And the climatic differences are thus quite obvious.

The best time for going to the plateau above the dam is during July and August. At the very time, flowers are here and there and it is cool and foggy. While the time from the beginning of September to the beginning of October is most suitable for visitng the Mulan Paddock and appreciating the spectacular scenery in late autumn, with a mountain of red maple leaves, as if everything in the mountain has been dyed.

Chengde is a famous cultural city with long history. Visitors can find various folk art wares and unique tourist arts and crafts and local specialties, such as Tengshi Cloth-Pasting Picture, paper-cut art and picture of hanging brocade.

There are some shops around the Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde, visitors can pick out and buy some local specialties in these shops.

Shopping in Chengde

Shopping Places for Clothing

Chengde Commercial Building 

It should be the most popular shopping mall in Chengde City, offering clothing, shoes, and bags with brands of Only, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones and Eger and so on. Visitors also can buy cosmetics and digital products there. There is a supper market in the building, offering all kinds of products for the uses of daily life.

  • Address: 40-7 South Area, 123 South Jianshe Avenue, Chengde (承德市建设南大街123号南区40-7)
  • Tel: 0314-2025 360, 2638 860

Lanniao Mansion 蓝鸟大厦

The mansion has five floors, products like clocks, watches, jewelries, cosmetics, cases, bags, shoes, hats, clothing, sports goods, office supplies and computers and so on can be found in the mansion.

  • Address: 19 Xinxing Street (新兴街19号)
  • Tel: 0314-2069 480, 2066 871

Shopping Place for Toys

Intelligence Toy in Congming House 

  • Address: Basement 1, Wenzhou Terminal Market, Shuangqiao District (双桥区温州批发市场负一楼)
  • Tel: 0314-7617 385

Chengde Restaurants